You killed my brother, but i forgive you (A Kakashi Hatake one-shot)

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Name: ____ (your name)

Age: 17(in the begining), 28(in the present)

Looks: Black hair long, hazel eyes

Crush: Kakashi Hatake (of course)

 Name: Kakashi Hatake

Age: !8(in the beginning), 29(in the present)

Story Start:


"Kakashi is somthing wrong?" ___ said with concern in her voice as she sat down next to her childhood friend.

"Hmm.. oh hey ____. Nothings wrong." Kakashi said. ____ knew that he was lying to her and that something was wrong. After all they grew up together and they have been pretty much inserrapable since Kakashis father killed himself.

"Why wont you tell me. You know that i know that something is wrong."

"There's nothing wrong ___." ____ was getting a little irratated that he wasn't telling her. He always told her everything.

"Your a horrible liar, seriously whats wrong, your starting to worry me now."

"just leave me alone, please." How can i tell her, she'll probably hate me if i do.

"Fine i wont push u into telling me. But when your ready to talk come find me." I stood up and looked at my dearest friend, i didnt wanna leave him like this, but i didnt wanna force him into telling me when he isnt ready. Little did i know that this was going to be the last time we were going to talk, to be friends. Sure i saw him around the village, but everytime i went to talk to him he turned around and walked the other direction. Why he was ignoring me i didnt know.


Its been 10 years since i lefted the Leaf, i miss it, my friends, my life there, everything, and even to this day i still miss him. But i had to leave, i had to start over, i had to get away from all the pain.


It has been almost a year since that day, the last day we talked. I still dont know the reason why he was avoiding me. It hurt to know that he doesnt want anything to do with me.

"Hey ____" I looked up from the book i was reading and saw Asuma, Kakashis best friend, great.

"Well well, look who it is."

"What not happy to see your dear old friend, that hurts"

"Didnt say i wasnt, just surprised thats all."

"Whys that." Asuma said as he took a seat in front of me.

"We havent really talked much since me and Kakashi stopped being friends. Which i get you and him are close and he hates me so its only natural." Asuma didnt say anything for 5 minutes, he just stared at me. I contuined to read my book since he wasnt talking.

"Your wrong, he doesnt hate you." I was shocked when he said that. He cant possibly mean that, of course Kakashi hates me, he keeps avoiding me and he wont even look at me anymore.

"I have to go" I gathered my things and began to walk away. When i was walking i thought i heard Asuma say "He could never hate you." but i was to wrapped up in my thoughts that i didnt know if thats what i heard or not.


I wonder what Asuma met what he said that day, i never asked him. "_____, ____ open up." I opened my eyes 'cant i be alone' i thought as i got up to open my door. "Coming" i said. I opened the door to reveal Temari standing in the hall.

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