I'll make an execption for you(Edward elric one-shot)

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Name:Samatha walker


Crush:Edward Elric

Characters information: Sam is a free spirit, who likes going by the beat of her own drum. She dislikes the military because her brother had to sacrifice himself in the Ishbalan war (also why she's not too keen of sacrifices)- Roy jogs up bad memories for when he delivered the news of her brother's death, but generally she's okay with people in it- she just doesn't like it as an organization. She began to learn alchemy to dabble into the philosopher's stone, but was told better, and gave up. She seems cold, but it's really because she's laid back and sarcastic- she's actually very nice- unless you do something bad, then she can hold grudges. She learns and practices new things for defending herself, since she prefers not killing people with weapons if it comes down to having to fight. She can be loud if she wants and can hold herself together. She holds things in, which can cause for a break down.
She lived with her mom, but her mom broke down and was admitted to a mental institution (her Husband and Son are dead), so Sam left. She began traveling the world to find her niche, taking on odd jobs to earn cash when she can. When she realized how tough it was, it was then that she decided to try and find traveling companions around her age, though unlikely.
She's borderline foul mouthed and play fights all the time.

Story Start:

I woke up to the train stopping, i decieded to go to central, when i got off someone ran into me,literally. "Ouch" I said as i fell on my butt.

"Im sorry i didnt see you" I saw a hand extend out to me, i took it.

"Well next time look" I said, i looked at the boy who knocked me down. He had a long red coat, gloves, and a silver pocket watch, which met that he was a state alcehmist.

"Brother" I looked behind him and saw a guy in armor running up behind him. "Brother you need to slow down" the boy said, he didnt say anything further when he noticed me. "Hi im alphonse elric, whats your name"

"Samatha walker, but call me sam" I said smiling at him, 'whats with the armor' i thought.

"Nice to meet you, the one who ran into you is my brother Ed elric" I looked over at the boy with the red coat.

"Nice to meet you as well Ed" i said kind of sarcastic.

"Yeah you to" He said with sarcasim as well.

"Come on brother we are going to be late in meeting Mustang" Al said, and when he did my entire body froze.

"You dont mean Roy Mustang" I asked, they both looked at me when i did.

"Yeah, do you know him" Ed said

"Not entirely" I said, i picked up my things and walked off. 'Maybe it wasnt so good to come here' i thought as i headed towards the hotel. I got checked in, went to my room and settled down for a bit, but after awhile i got tired so i decieded to walk around the city. When i was near the park, i saw Ed and Al sitting on the bench talking. "Hey" i said walking up to them.

"Hey Sam" Al said, Ed just mumbled, i sat down on the bench with them, when i did Ed scooted over to his brother a little bit.

"What do i have something" I said, he just looked at me then back down to his hands.

"Sorry about my brother, he just gets shy around pretty girls" Al said laughing.

"I DO NOT" Ed yelled, that caused Al and I to laugh more. We sat there for what seemed like forever just talking, i got to know about them alot, they lost there mother and was in search of the philosaper stone until they found out how it was created. As we got to talking Ed talked to me more and more, 'he seems to have gotten over whatever it was that he had a problem with' i thought. It started to get dark.

"I have to go" I said standing up,

"Ill walk you" Ed said standing up as well, "Al ill meet you back at the room okay"

"Okay brother" Al said standing up and walking in the other direction. As we walked we didnt say much,

"Hey why were you ignoring me eariler" I asked him breaking the silence.

"I dont know"

"What you dont know how to talk around a pretty girl" I said sarcasticly.

"Who said you were pretty" Ed said with sarcasm

"Ouch that hurt" I said, which it really did, i started to like Ed to. "Well this is my stop" I said as we stopped in front of the motel, i started to walk in until Ed grabbed my arm.

"Sam" I turned around and looked at him. "Your not pretty-"

"I think we astaplished that" I snapped.

"Let me finish would you" he snapped back, "Now as i was saying your not pretty, to me your more than that, your gorgeous.And i know you hate the military because of your brother, but i hope with me you make an execption" I looked at him with a really confused look, i mean one minute hes rude and the next hes sweet.

"Umm, thanks and just because i hate the military doesnt mean im going to hate the people in it" I said trying to hid my blush.

"Thanks Sam" He said turning around to walk off.

"Hey Ed" he stopped and turned around to look at me. I walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek, when i pulled away he was blushing really bad, i laughed.

"What was that for"

"Because i like you" I said laughing still, next thing i knew i felt a soft pair of lips on mine, i kissed back naturely.

"I like you to Sam" He said, "Hey i got a question, why dont you travel with Al and I" I looked at him and smiled.

"Sure thing Ed." I watched him as he walked away, i knew that Ed was a good thing for me, 'maybe i was wrong when i said coming here wasnt a good thing' i thought as i walked into the hotel.

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