Lossen up would you?(Seto Kaiba one-shot)

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Name: Angel

looks: Black hair with bangs a little longer then her eyes in an angle, keeps hair in pigtails that go over her shoulders, slim, medium height.


Name:Seto Kaiba

Story start:

Setos P.O.V

I was about to summon my blue eyes, when she activated a trap, one that was able to stop me from summoning any dragons. 'Damnit how'd she know that i was going to summon a dragon and now i cant summon anything' i thought. "I guess i end my turn" I said.

"Well thats no fun Seto" She said laughing. She drew her card without even looking at it, then attacked. I didnt have anything to defend myself, so i lost.

"Damnit" i said as my life points hit 0.

"It was a good duel Seto, dont beat yourself up. Everyone loses and everyone wins" She said extending her hand.

"I dont lose" I said walking away. I never lost to anyone but Yugi and now i lose to some girl that i dont even know.

Angels P.O.V

"Wow he needs to lossen up" I said walking away, i just won a duel against Seto, which kind of made me happy. When i was walking to the cafe i noticed Seto sitting at one of the tables, i decieded to go talk to him. "Hey" I said sitting down.

"What do you want" He said coldly.

"Awh come on, quit being a jerk" I said laughing.

" I dont have time for this" He said starting to gather his things.

"My names Angel" I told him.

"Like i care" He got up and walked off. I watched him leave, 'he really needs to lossen up' i thought as i laughed to myself.

-The next day-

I was sitting at the park just watching the sceneary when i noticed Seto and a kid with black hair. "Can we play Seto" the kid asked looking at Seto, "No mokuba i have better things to do then play at some park" Seto said walking off leaving the boy. I got up and walked up to him, "I'll play with you" I said smiling at the kid. He looked up at me and gave me a weird look. "Dont worry im not the creepy people who take kids or anything. My names Angel" I said when i did he looked at me with wide eyes.

"Your the woman that beat my brother yesterday"

"Yeah thats me" I said laughing. Mokuba and I went to go build a sand castle, we got to talking apperently Seto changed since his step father came into his life. I felt sorry for the kid.

"Mokuba what are you doing" We both stopped what we were doing and looked up at Seto.

"I was building a sand castle with Angel" Mokuba said smiling at his older brother. Seto looked at me and gave me a death glare.

"I dont know what your up to, but whatever it is dont involve my brother" He said coldly, i just laughed at him, which caused him to glare even more.

"Im not planning anything, like Mokuba said we were just building a sand castle, since you wouldnt do it with him i decieded i would." I stood up and faced him.

"I dont have time for kid games"

"Oh come on Seto lossen up would you" I said laughing again.

"Why should I" I stopped laughing and looked at him seriously.

"Because Seto you only live once, life is met to be enjoyed to have fun, to be lived. Not to be spent away in some office and be serious all the time. I mean dont get me wrong every once and awhile you need to be serious and get your work done, but after that you need to relax. Other wise it turns you into something people dont like, that you wont reconizge. So like i said lossen up." I said still looking at him seriously, he didnt say anything for awhile just stared.

"Come on Mokuba, we're leaving" He said as he walked off.

"Sorry about my brother, but it was nice meeting you" Mokuba said walking off.

Setos P.O.V

'The nerve of that woman' i thought as i contiued to walk. "Seto" I looked down at Mokuba, "Angel really isnt that bad"

"I dont care" I said looking forward.

-Later that night-

I decieded that i would go have a talk with that woman, she has some nerve talking to me like that. When i found her she was at the park sitting on the swing. 'She's beautiful when the moon shines on her like that. Damnit what am i thinking' i thought as i walked to her. "Angel" I said, staring at her with crossed arms.

"Oh hey Seto" She said not even looking at me.

"I want you to stay away from my brother" I said, she looked at me and laughed. "What is so funny" I asked glaring at her.

"Im laughing because its funny, mokuba told me that you use to be the one always wanting to have fun, that you would always laugh and smile. But i dont see what he is talking about because all i see is a self centered jerk who only cares about himself. I mean come on Seto think of your brother here would you, and dont go giving me the speech that you are, because honestly i dont see that. I could tell you use to once be happy but now thats gone, and thats affected Mokuba alot more than i think you realize" She looked back up at the sky when she finished, i was starting to get mad, but for some reason i wasnt mad at her, i was mad at myself. I sat down on the swing next to her and stared at her, 'what is she's right, i mean she does have some point' i thought. She looked over at me and smiled.

"Sorry" i finally said. She gave me a weird look, "Sorry for being rude, its just that since my step dad things havent been the same. Even when i try i cant seem to be happy"

"Maybe you should just stop trying to be happy, and let happiness come to you" I looked at her and laughed.

"Happiness cant just magicaly appear"

"Your wrong, because the thing is Seto if you try so hard on something you get yourself lost into trying for what you want, but sometimes if you just let things be and stop trying it comes to you" I stopped laughing and looked at her, we stayed like that for awhile just looking at each other, 'something about her' i thought. She stood up and looked at me. "Its getting late" She said, i stood up with her. She began to walk away but for some reason i didnt want to let her go, not yet. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, but i used to much force because she landed in my chest causing both of us to fall back.

"Ouch" i said when she landed on me.

"Im sorry" She started to get up but i pulled her down.

"Dont be" I couldnt help but stare in her eyes, they were soft and understanding but at the same time firece. I leaned in and kissed her, at first she didnt kiss back but she did after sometime. We pulled apart and she laughed.

"What is so funny" I asked smiling at her.

"You. Your funny" She said looking at me.

"Well maybe your right about somethings, and maybe your right about me needing to lossen up every once and a while"

"I know i was" I couldnt help but laugh at her cockiness. 'Maybe she will be the one to help me lossen up' i thought as we layed there for some time.

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