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Under the Rain [Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS] by HoshinoHana
Under the Rain [Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS]by Lucifa ※【ルシファー】
[Fujiki Yusaku x OC] [OC x Canon] The asocial boy who didn't care of anything else except finding out about the truth behind a certain dark incident that was lost in the...
A Duelist in Marvel (Yugioh X Marvel) by wiz1613
A Duelist in Marvel (Yugioh X Marv...by wiz1613
Shawn a fan of anything duel monsters dies and wakes up in Marvel with a mission find the scattered millennium items and keep the secret of duel monsters and shadow game...
Decoded Pain (Aoi Zaizen x Male OC Reader) by Dysonal
Decoded Pain (Aoi Zaizen x Male OC...by Dysonal
Riku Kanashimiki was one of the Lost Incident victims who were kidnapped and tortured 10 years ago. But even now he still has trouble recovering from the trauma. His exp...
The Sleeping Goddess by FallRiver-Prime
The Sleeping Goddessby FallRiver-Prime
Before Yami met Yugi, there was a nameless pharaoh meet a goddess that filled those with the purest hope there was, until he fell in love with her, as they grew closer...
Primordial Colors - Arc-V by lucaa4321
Primordial Colors - Arc-Vby Deri
I finally got permission to travel to Japan, I am really excited to see the beauties that this country can offer... Not only that, but I also get to see an official tour...
An Orphan's Tale by Bntjammer
An Orphan's Taleby Bethany Thomas
Rika Magruda has been an orphan most of her life. During her search for her birth family, she finds herself in Domino at Solomon Muto's shop and discovers Yugi is her yo...
I'm a hidden boss in the duel city (yugioh fanfiction) by Gilthur
I'm a hidden boss in the duel city...by Reinhart
Note: This story is a fanfiction of a Yugioh Fanfiction. Summary: One night he suddenly found himself waking up in a familiar but fictional world. Later, he found out th...
The sealed Beast Unleashed(Yu-Gi-Oh Ark V Harem x Male Reader) by ZebastianPR
The sealed Beast Unleashed(Yu-Gi-O...by
Now I know what you're thinking is this another main protagonist that's gonna get Isekai into the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise.....YES!. Will he have a unique Deck*Check's the dec...
The Pharaoh's Rose (Atem/Yami Yugi x Reader) by LafemeNikitta221
The Pharaoh's Rose (Atem/Yami Yugi...by Nikki
(Y/n) (L/n) is the vessel of the Seal of Orichalcos. The Seal has tormented, attacked and abused her for so long but that doesn't stop her from playing Duel Monsters. Wh...
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Yugioh Arc-V : True Fusion by Buckth3weasel
Yugioh Arc-V : True Fusionby Buckth3weasel
When duel academy declares war on the other dimensions, the fusion dimension's reputation Takes a hit. Xander Masayuki, codename Iblis, is the leader of the true fusion...
RWBY: The Supreme King by IamGamerA
RWBY: The Supreme Kingby Ren Higakita
Jaden Rose was Summer Rose first son before she even marry Tai and have Ruby, all he ever wanted was to be love by her but he never get the love that he desperately want...
Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Games by StarlineStories
Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Gamesby StarlineStories
Anastasia Starline- head of Starline Enterprises is a developing company that specialises in nano- technology. After a friendly request from Seto Kaiba she is invited to...
Constellar Light - A Yugioh Zexal Story by Gl1tch87
Constellar Light - A Yugioh Zexal...by Gl1tch87
"The stars twinkled in his eyes, and the Sun itself warmed his smile. I knew I might burn... but I just had to just inch a little closer." - The Dreamer Stars...
Antitopian Rising! (Yugioh Zexal x male reader) by Dominus_Achontas
Antitopian Rising! (Yugioh Zexal x...by Dominus_Achontas
You are the adopted brother of Yuma and Kari Tsukumo. And after two years of searching for your parents you return to Heartland City, to find Yuma and all the friends he...
Colliding Dimensions by Lithriel
Colliding Dimensionsby Lithriel
Reader insert. You dwell in a world where yugioh is just a few movies and a tv series, during a field trip to Egypt in your world, you end up in ancient Egypt in the wor...
Stay~ :: Yandere Yugioh x Reader by The_Wayward_Writer
Stay~ :: Yandere Yugioh x Readerby Wayward
RE-MAKE You can't just stay out of trouble can you, Y/n? First day of school and you see some random guy's soul get taken from a kid whose hair looks like a fucking star...
Not the only royalty to the game by blossom287
Not the only royalty to the gameby Blossom
Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen! You're here with me, Blossom287, your host narrator for this amazing story that you're about to read! So without further ado, I present t...
The Dueling Hero (My Hero Academia X Male Reader) by Goomba1914
The Dueling Hero (My Hero Academia...by Goomba1960
In Qingqing City, An extraordinary child was born who radiated light. After that, reports of people with superpowers popped up across the globe. No one knew what was cau...
Yugioh arc-V:The sacred duelist by Darkimator
Yugioh arc-V:The sacred duelistby Darkimator
What if someone from our world was reborn into the Yugioh Arc-V anime and what if he had the sacred beast and what if zarc had a good twin sister...
Generation Next (Yu-Gi-Oh GX Male reader) by Karadock56
Generation Next (Yu-Gi-Oh GX Male...by Karadock56
Screw the staples, I have original ideas !