I know I can't replace him (A Shuhei Hisagi one-shot)

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Name: Rima

Age: Unknown

Looks: Brown hair to her waist, blue eyes. She has tattoos all on her arms and back, all some sort of dragon. She has her nose, industrial, and cartilage piercings.

Squad: Squad 2, 3rd Seat

Likes: Quiet time, spending time with Hikari (Her daughter), spending time with her 'brother' Kenpachi, training, and working

Dislikes: Loud noises that are unnecessary, she isn't particularly fond of Renji anymore

Background: She and Renji had been in a relationship which is where Hikari came from, who is now 3. She is now single. She spends most of her time with Kenpachi, Hikari, or both.

Guy Wanted: Shuhei :3

Personality: Quiet unless she's around friends. She's withdrawn from most people, especially those that she doesn't know but once she makes friends, she opens up to them.

Hobbies: Reading and writing. Training.

Friends: Renji, Ikakku

Enemies: Rangiku (because she's so loud)

Habits: None

Lemon/No Lemon: Sure, lemon. :9

Zanpakuto Name: Nigh Fury. She just calls him night. He's in the form of a wraith and wears a hooded cape like the reaper does.

Zanpakuto Ablilies: Controls shadows and dark emotions like hate, jealousy and rage.

Story Start;

Rima’s P.O.V

“Mommy when do I get to see daddy?” asked my 3 year old daughter, Hikari. I set down the book that I was currently reading and looked down at my daughter who was doing a pony puzzle and looked up at me with pleading eyes. Renji, Hikari’s father, hasn’t been around lately. Usually I would have Hikari more since I didn’t have to work like he did and he would take her when he could and he tried so hard to be with her as much as possible, but being a lieutenant wasn’t easy. And when the both of us were busy, Kenpachi; who is like my brother, would take her. I know it’s not a perfect life, especially for a 3 year old, but we’re managing. I sighed.

“You’ll see him soon” I said, smiling at her. When in truth I don’t know when she’ll see him again. I have to talk to him about that. I stared at my daughter, she had so much hope in her eyes, I knew that she really misses him, and it hurt me that he didn’t try and be in her life more. We may not be together anymore but that doesn’t mean that he can neglect his duties as a father. It pissed me off that he did too. “Alright sweetie it’s past your bed time” I said as I set my book on the table and stood up. Hikari looked at me with sad eyes.

“But I don’t want to go to bed yet” pouted Hikari. I smiled.

“If you don’t go to bed now then you won’t want to take up and then uncle Kenny will be sad that he doesn’t get to see his niece” I said. Hikari’s face lit up a little.

“I get to see Uncle Kenny tomorrow?” she asked. I nodded my head yes. Hikari jumped up and grabbed my hand. “Then what are we waiting for? It’s time for bed” Hikari said as she started to drag me towards her room. I chuckled. Once we got to Hikari’s room I helped her get dressed into her pj’s, tucked her into bed, kissed her goodnight, stood up, walked to her door and turned off the lights. As I walked out of her room I heard a knock on the front door. I closed Hikari’s door, making sure not to close it fully, and headed towards the front door. I unlocked it and opened it. The smell of alcohol hit my nose once the door was opened. I glared at Renji.

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