The masked man (Tobi/Madara Uchiha one-shot)

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 Name: Lily (no last name)

Nickname: The Phantom

occupation: none, missing ninja from the village hidden in the sand

looks: Long pink hair, 5' 6'', carries a sword with a dragon shaped hilt

Name:Tobi Uchiha



 Info:Your very skilled in swordsman ship, and you master in lighting jutus, and you also steal peoples jutsu for example Minato Namikaze flying thuder god jutsu, the one that gives you speed.

Story start:

"Lily" i looked up from the book that i was reading,

"Something you need Amber" I asked.

"There are some people in red cloaks that were spotted not far from here. Should we worry" Amber said sittig next to me, Amber was my half sister and she left the sand with me.

"No we shouldnt worry unless they give us a reason to worry" I said reading my book again.

"TOBI IS A GOOD BOY" my body stiffened as did Ambers, we both looked up and saw a man with a red cloak and an orange mask.

"Shut up Tobi, your damn saying is getting on my last nervous" A man with blonde hair said.

"Amber dont let your garud down" I whisptered to her, she nodded her head and put her attention back on the two men.

"What do we have here" The blonde said as he noticed us, he started walking towards us, i stood up and got ready, as did Amber. "You think you can tak-" but before he could finish i had my sword to his throat. "What the hell" he said looking back at me surprised.

"Dedira sensei" The man with the orange mask jumped from the tree branch that he was on and now stood beside me.

"Dont move or your sensei gets his head cut off, got that" I said coldly, even though the truth was i havent killed anyone in my life, i was always afraid to. Thats why i left the Sand, thats why i quit being a ninja. I just couldnt have someones death hanging on my shoulders, to know that i took someone from the people that cared about them. The man with the orange mask just laughed at me.

"You wont kill him, i can see it in your eyes" He stepped closer to me, so i put my blade closer to the blonde guys neck.

"You really think i wont" I said putting more confident into my voice.

"DAMNIT TOBI DONT COME CLOSER OR SHE WILL" the man named Deidara said.

"No she wont" he said stepping closer, 'damnit' i thought. He kept getting closer and closer, he was about to pull out a kunai but i kicked him in the gut, sending him flying.

"Lily i got the blonde guy" Amber said getting into a fighting stance facing  Deidara. I nodded my head and ran to where the guy landed, or i thought he landed. I was looking around for him when i notice someone breathing in my ear. I took my sword and slashed it where i felt the breath, but no one was there.

"I really hate tricks" I said getting frustrated.

"Tobi is sorry about this" The masked man said as he came towards me, but what he didnt know was that because of the jutsu that i stole im faster than any human, so i quickly dodged him. "What the-" He turned around and i kicked him again. Again i chased after him and again he attacked and again i kicked him.

"Now i see" he finally said, as he recovered from my last kick. "That jutsu your using is the flying thunder god, the jutsu that gives the weilder inhuman speed."

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