It was you, you idiot(Hikaru Htiachiin one-shot(Ouran H.S Host Club)

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Name: Lisa Summers

Age: 16

Looks: waist lenght red hair, always has earphones around her neck or on her ears, tall-slim


Friends: Tamaki, Hunny, Mori, Kaoru, Harchi

Story Start:

"Great job Lisa" Hunny said jumping up and down, "At this rate you wont have any troubles in your next match."

"Thanks Hunny" I said as i unwrapped my hands from the white bandages that were on them.

"Is your hand bothering you" Mori asked sitting next to me.

"No its actually feeling alot better, but the doctor said i should still take it easy" I said smiling up to him, he was like a big brother, always worrying.

"So whens your next boxing match" Hunny asked as he sat in my lap.

"Next Saturday" I patted hunny, Hunny just looked up at me and smiled. All of us were really close, Hunny, Mori and I. I took classes with them in Karate and Juto when I was younger, but now im into boxing, but they help me out alot.

"Come on Lisa, the host club should be starting soon, and i want some cakeee" Hunny said jumping from my lap, grabbing my hand and dragging me. Mori wasnt far behind.

As Hunny opened the doors to the host club, i noticed that it wasnt opened yet. "Lisaa my princess" Tamaki said pulling me close to him.

"Tamaki im not your princess" I said pulling away, and like always Tamaki went to his corner and sulked.

"How can you be so mean Lisa" I heard him say, i just rolled my eyes and walked over to Harchi.

"Can i help you with anything" I asked her, and yes i knew Harchi was actually a girl.

"Sure, can you help me set the tables" Harchi said giving me some tea cups and plates.

"Sure thing" I walked to the first table and set down the tea cups and plates.

"Theres my beautiful friend" Kaoru put his arm around me and smiled.

"Hey Kaoru" I said smiling at him and gving him a hug. "Wheres Hikaru" I said noticing him not with Kaoru.

"Oh him, he said he needed to prepare for something" Kaoru said still smiling, 'i dont like that look on his face' i thought.

"Okay" I gave him a weird look but before i could say anything Harchi gave me more plates and tea cups. I shurgged it off and went to go finish setting the tables.

"LISSSAAA" Hunny jumped on my back, "Come have some cake with me"

"Okay" I chuckled and walked over with Hunny to where Mori was. I sat next to Mori and put my head on his shoulder.

"You okay" He asked with worry, "Yeah im fine just a little tired" I said. He just laughed at me and gave me a piece of cake. After i ate the cake i decieded to see what Kaoru was doing, Tamaki said he was in the changing room. I walked in but immediatly stopped when i heard Kaoru talking to someone.

"You have to tell her Hikaru" Kaoru said, 'so its Hikaru' i thought. "But what if she doesnt like me back" Hikaru said, i noticed he was putting on his costume. "Trust me she likes you otherwise i wouldnd be telling you to go tell her" Kaoru said also putting on his costume. "I mean come on Hikaru she was the first person to tell us apart and since then you havent laid eyes off of her" Thats when i realized they were talking about Harchi, i quickly backed away from the door not wanting to hear anymore and went to go grab my things.

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