Chapter 6

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We talked about simple things and I soon reached my home. He helped me with my luggage to take it inside our house and Mom came running so happily and it seemed that she was more happy to see Vineet that me. She came and gave a tight hug to Vineet . Seeing this,I spoke," Mom! Now you forgotten me ,it seems." Hearing this, she laughed and gave me a tight hug as well. We went in and Mom got us something to eat.

As we all sat, I saw how frankly she spoke to Vineet as if he was her own son. He kept her happy and gave her respect. After years of facing rebuke, it was now that finally that she was receiving respect so I couldn't break her trust and follow all her instructions.

After some time Vineet left for his meeting. Now I wanted to ask Mom about the biggest tension I was having. I went near her and with great apprehension , I asked," Mom! I wanted to know whether you have told Vineet and his family everything about me". So she replied," Yes dear, I have told  them everything." I said," Really Mom! Are you sure?" She kept her hand on my shoulder and said," Yes Avni! I have told everything and they are very happy to have you as their son's wife" . So I directly asked," Okay! Have you told them everything about my childhood how people said I have a bad fate ?" At this, she became furious and spoke," Avni! Since your childhood I have tried my every bit to keep you away from all these stupid thoughts and help you to live a normal life. So please, Avni, just stay away from these useless thoughts of those brainless people."

I became quiet and went to my room . I didn't want to sadden Mom on this topic but also I couldn't keep this truth hidden from Vineet. I had to tell about this to Vineet somehow. I didn't know how to say but It was my duty to let him know.

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