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My mother always told me I was born as a boon to my family as I was born after years of my parents' prayers. But soon after I was born, my father who was coming to the hospital to see me got hit by a truck on the road and died on the spot . And so  people said I was a girl born with bad fate and my destiny was going to be bad so they kept their children away from me but my mother was the only one who did not believe in all these things and brought me up with all that she could give me.

All these years she heard all sorts of taunts and comments from people but she did not allow anything to be affected on me. My paternal grandparents had ended their relationship with us as they believed It was because of my birth that my father died but my maternal grandparents always supported us throughout our life.

I had to break all these stereotypes in my society and make a way for my life to go ahead.

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