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Faker by stilesmischief
Fakerby Stiles
A bad boy and a bad girl, but who is faking it? (Small trigger warning but a huge trigger warning at the end. Includes depression, cutting, self starvation, and suicude...
  • romance
  • badboy
  • trigger
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Depression feels by user81047016
Depression feelsby SadBitch
If you're depressed and feeling empty, just read this story. I just wanted to die. I just want to end it right now. But I can't. I'm useless, pathetic, failure, stupid...
  • pain
  • hurt
  • blade
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I'm Home           Lucy x Levi by SilverAsgardPrincess
I'm Home Lucy x Leviby Slytherindemigod
When Fairy Tail realizes how dangerous Lucy is with her new, uncontrolled dark magic, she is kicked out of the guild. But not before they beat her within an inch of her...
  • trust
  • crossover
  • mikasaackerman
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again | SHARMAN [2] by voidposey-
again | SHARMAN [2]by voidposey-
❝ i want you to feel like that again only this time, with the right guy. me. ❞ [ SOCIAL MEDIA ] © voidpose...
  • message
  • cast
  • voidposey-
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Rock Bottom - A Team 7 Story [Completed] by _izoy_
Rock Bottom - A Team 7 Story [ Isabelle
"You know, the thing about failure is that it only makes me want to try harder." . . Minato and Kushina survived the Kyuubi attack, t...
  • konoha
  • failure
  • naruto
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||Broken Hearts|| ▶ by -wonderingSia
||Broken Hearts|| ▶by 🌸XoXo🌸
*A Wattpad featured story* HIGEST RANKING: - #1- Lostlove #10- failure Amelia Conrad wife of a rich buisness man. She loved him blindly but he ditched her with his girlf...
  • failure
  • backstabbing
  • lost
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Love/Fail by Blondeanddangerous
Love/Failby Kate J. Squires
Have you ever felt like a failure in love and life in general? Mia's year has been an epic fail so far - she's lost her job, her apartment, and her boyfriend. But rat...
  • failure
  • celebrity
  • friends
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Creepypasta oneshots  by Hi_how_you_doing_
Creepypasta oneshots by Hi_how_you_doing_
This is oneshots y'all request and stuff on the first page I won't get them if you message them to me *YOU CAN NOW MESSAGE ME THEM I FIXED THE MESSAGE THING* I hope you...
  • smiledog
  • trash
  • masky
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A Bleacher Boy's Perspective (BoyxBoy) by 5upernatura1
A Bleacher Boy's Perspective ( 5upernatura1
My dad is the football coach of Elwood High. He's won nearly every single game for every year he has worked there. He's muscular, intelligent and popular. He had everyth...
  • tgtg
  • taygetsthegay
  • boyxboy
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 Letters to people who are here and who have left by bluewind2020
Letters to people who are here owllover90
So these will be letter to the people who are in my life some are in it now some aren't
  • familyproblems
  • heartbreak
  • letters
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Ace's artwork by AceAltair
Ace's artworkby Ace Altair
Some pictures of all my shitty art and animations! For my digital art I use FireAlpaca, FlipaClip, and ibisPaint X. Sometimes I post memes too. Milestones: #1 in #Artboo...
  • crappyart
  • artbook
  • art
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when my happiness decides to leave me! by Dare_devil97
when my happiness decides to Akshaya
Story of a spoilt brat shivaay who suddenly decides to marry a girl who was a bit low in his status and appearance. The reason behind getting married to her still a que...
  • romance
  • fresh
  • care
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My Days At imperial high by AmanaboOjay
My Days At imperial highby Amanabo Ojay
A story of fifteen year old Nigerian girl who had to go through the last grade of secondary school again.... the adventures she meets, the friends she made changed her l...
  • teenromance
  • highschoolsweethearts
  • school
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Silent Cries by namisa4646
Silent Criesby Namisa
"What is this place...? It's so dark and I can't breathe!..... I'm scared...I'm scared!..... should I scream?" ..... ..... ...... "Right..... I remember t...
  • depression
  • bullies
  • lies
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You. by sofiawrites1
#15 sofia-
Emily Bates' life is anything but ordinary. She has scars. Not on her skin, but her heart. And secrets she doesn't want anyone to find out. She is broken beyond repair a...
  • unexpected
  • birthday
  • family
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Life Quotes by yoonarah
Life Quotesby Jhalia
The Best Life Quotes
  • sometimes
  • past
  • confidence
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Random Shit I Made by -Luck_Squad-
Random Shit I Madeby // Nagito Komaeda //
Self explanatory
  • lol
  • disappointment
  • myshit
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Behind These Wings by nomz22
Behind These Wingsby nomz22
Love is patient, love is kind but above all, love is hard. "I am here to see the Archangel." "Aren't we all?" Replied the guard after chuckling at t...
  • torment
  • love
  • secrets
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No Fap November  by SailingShipFangirl
No Fap November by S.S. Fangirl
A story following my adventure of No Fap November. If you know me irl please don't read this and allow me some small form of dignity.
  • dicksoutforharambe
  • moist
  • nofap
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1| BLOODSTREAM [TEEN WOLF] by puresalvatore
In which Cassie continues her adventures into beacon hills, finding the family she never knew that she had needed. ••• Teen wolf season 3a-3b
  • scottmccall
  • pain
  • hate
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