Chapter 15

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Some days passed by and I was tired all the time. I couldn't go to my job and was getting frustrated frequently. Today I went to the PT and Vineet was with me. The doc came and suddenly he asked me to stand by my own. I was not ready to stand till now and moreover it would be even more tiresome.

Vineet motivated me to at least try once so I slowly held the handle of the chair I was sitting and tried to get up. Holding the handle I stood up but as soon as I left my hands I lost my balance and tripped and was going to fall down but before that Vineet held me upright and spoke," I'll never let you fall Avni." I sat down and the doc told me to try once again. I was getting irritated but for Vineet I stood up again and this time with all my might. My legs seemed to be lifeless sometimes but now It was stronger and this time I stood upright without anybody's help . The doc and Vineet got Smiles on their faces.

I also became happy but as It was consuming a lot of my energy , I soon sat down. My feet were paining a lot and then the doc again asked me to not only stand but also to try to walk. I was exhausted so I refused but the doctor told me again and again. I became furious and spoke harshly," Doc, I am tired and I don't think My body would ever walk again as I get tired very easily so plz now I can't do this anymore. Vineet ,I want to go home and that's it!". The doctor and Vineet looked at each other . I knew I had spoken very rudely but I couldn't take it anymore. Vineet took me out and we sat in car. I tried talking to him and explain everything but he remained quiet .

We reached home and He helped me to go to our room. As I sat on the bed, Vineet stood before me near the window pane angrily. I told him," Vineet! Plz try to understand. I didn't mean to offend the doc. I am really sorry for what I did." He asked," Just tell me one thing Avni, Did someone force you to marry me? " I replied," No Vineet! I married you by my choice but what relevance does that question have now?" He began," You know, I married you after so many hurdles. From the first day I saw you till now I tried my best to make you happy and now also I am just doing my best to make you walk again . But I think you just don't want me . I believe You were forced to marry me." And I heard his sobs. My eyes were full of tears and I kept on saying 'No' . I slowly moved towards him and made him face me and said," You have misunderstood me,Vineet . I admit, I didn't feel much about you but now I have known you much better and I believe you are the best person I could have ever got. I really really......."

Just then, I heard a laugh. I looked up to find Vineet smiling. He wiped out my tears and spoke," Avni, See you walked. Yes, you walked from the bed to the window pane. Finally Avni, You walked!" I was shocked for two reasons. One, I really walked. Two, How could he do this to me? I became somewhat happy and gave a gentle push to him and he began laughing. He asked," By the way, You didn't complete your sentence. You really really what? " His devilish smile said everything. I replied," As you say, The time has not yet come. I will tell you when the right time arrives." He smiled.

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