Chapter 20

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I went closer to him and spoke," I want to tell you something." he replied ,"what?" I continued," All these days I had no courage to tell you But the truth is that I..." He spoke in between," Avni! You are drunk. You don't know what are you speaking." "No, I know very well what I am speaking so please let me speak." " Alright tell me,"he said politely.

" From the day I know , you have been a pillar of support for me but I used to get angry for silly things at you and you always handled me. For everything you did to everything you will do, I just want to say that I love you! " As I spoke that I could see the tears of happiness in his eyes. I gave him a tight hug when he replied," I love you too, Avni! " I was just lost in his eyes when we heard the host calling out couples for a dance. As I was drunk, I pulled him to the front .

The music started and the couples started dancing. We also began. I kept one of hands on his shoulder while he kept one of his hands on my waist. We danced and danced and the people stared at us in wonder. We danced with real emotions. I slowly whispered to him," Vineet, you dance so well." He smiled and we came more closer. We both could read each others' eyes and understand the feelings inside . This was for the first time I felt this emotion and I just didn't want to go away.

As the dance got over we were still in our own world. Then the host announced us as the couple of the day. After having dinner, we decided to go home. He took me to our car and made me sit inside and then we went off. As we were going, I told him," I don't want to go home." He asked," Then where you want to go?" I replied," I want to sit under the stars and talk to you." He drove and took me to a park.

The whole park was empty as the time was12:00 am. I went inside and sat on a bench and Vineet sat beside me. I began," I wanted to know from you that what was the thing in me that attracted you the most." He replied," Your uniqueness, Avni. You are very different from the other girls I have met in my life." I smiled and keeping my head on his shoulder ,I said," Promise me, You will always be with me and support me." He replied," Yes, Till there is life inside me , I will be with you." Then we went on talking about the things we have never chatted about. This was the most wonderful night of my life. It was today that we became one-' Avneet' ...

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