Chapter 17

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I just pushed the nurse aside and went in. As I got in, I saw Mom on the bed. Her eyes looked tired and her whole body was weak. I couldn't bear to see this. This was very painful for me. I went near her and sat next to her. She held my hand and spoke," Avni! You became fine. I am so happy. You remember how I had forced you to marry." She was speaking very softly . I replied," Yes Mom and that was the best decision you took for me." She continued," I knew I don't have much time left so I wanted you to love someone else other than me so that you won't be left alone ." I cried in between," No mom. I won't let anything happen to you. Nurse, call the ambulance." Mom stopped the nurse and told me," No Avni. I want to be with you and your father's memories before I die. You have to listen to me. Firstly Avni, never hide anything with Vineet. He is someone very rare to find. And you must also share everything with his parents. On the day he came to our house, I realized that he is perfect for you. Avni, lastly never lose hope even in the most difficult situations and I love you dear , I........." And her sound blurred out. I was in full of tears and I started shaking her in order to wake her up but that was of no use. I broke down and sat in fixed position without any emotion.

I just sat there and all came and did everything. I had kept a photo of her in my arms and I kept on staring at it. The rituals got over and Vineet came to me and tried consoling," Avni! Let's go home." I replied," No , I am tired. I can't bear this anymore. My fate has already played so much with me and now I can't risk it more." He turned me to face him and he spoke," Avni! You can't be weak. Your Mom did everything to make you strong so how can you back out. Stand up and fight against your so called fate." I stood up and held his hands and taking Mom's photo , I left the house.

This was my first personal loss in life and I just hoped now everything goes normal. But my destiny had different things planned for me.

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