Chapter 8

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On opening the lid, What I saw was something unbelievable. My hands were almost shivering not due to fear but due to surprise and shock. I looked at Vineet with my eyes wide open and gulping down to get a possible explanation for this because inside the lid was a cake and on top of the cake was a small open box inside which was a very beautiful 'Ring'. Yes, There was a ring on the cake.

I sat there shocked and then Vineet spoke," Avni! There's a chit beside the plate . Open and read it." I took out the chit, opened it and it was written as follows:
' Dear Avni,
I know this is going to be a great shock for you. Now I am going to tell you all the truth and it's your choice to believe it or not. Firstly,I knew you before. I have known you since our college days. When you came to our college in the first year, I was in the third year at that time. I never intended to intrude in your career so I didn't tell you at that time. You were so lonely so I always wished to come and talk to you but never got the courage to do so. I liked you since the day you came to our college. On that day of the train incident, I had actually come to your train following you. I wanted to tell you that I was coming to your house with my parents. But then everything happened by itself. It was me who gave the marriage proposal to your broker and he contacted your Mom. I never wished to hurt you or do anything wrong so I hope you are not angry with me . Now just think for a minute by closing your eyes about your decision and then speak...'

I closed my eyes and thought for a minute. I was happy to hear all of this but also I was sad that he didn't tell me about this before because those were the days when I really needed a friend. A friend....wait, I don't love him as a lover but just as a friend so what should I tell him. I was confused. I think I utilised more than a minute so I slowly opened my eyes to get another shock.

I found that Vineet had fallen onto his knees and the ring in his hand offering me. I was still as I didn't know what to do. But I couldn't resist myself and accepted the ring. After this, All people around started clapping and I smiled. As we sat , I told Vineet," Vineet, I think we should start this relation with a friendship because all of this has happened suddenly". He replied," Oh Avni! Of course, we have to be good friends first." I became happy and then we had lunch together. I was glad I got my first best friend.

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