Chapter 11

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I entered my new house with Vineet and his parents by doing another ritual. As I entered, Vineet's mother and father came before me. I touched their feet and took their blessings. She picked me up and told," Avni! From today we have got you as a daughter and you can call us Ma and Papa. " Hearing this, My eyes were filled with tears as It was for the first tine that I was told to call someone ' Papa' . I replied," Yes Ma, Yes Papa." Vineet interrupted," So Ma you forgot me, your beloved son" Ma laughed and spoke," All these years, I tolerated you alone but now my Avni has to tolerate you." All laugh.

We moved towards our room. Vineet had told me that today he would unveil his biggest passion to me and I was waiting to know it. I was going to enter when he came before me and spoke," So here is my room " And he opened the door.

I went inside to stand in awe and wonder. His room was full of paintings and photographs. I asked him," Did you paint these paintings and clicked these photographs by yourself?"He replied," Yes" . I looked closely on each one of them and believed that each painting and photograph had a different meaning.

I did not understand just one and asked," What does this painting mean?" He replied," That's a dinosaur." I replied," I know but what does it mean?" He replied," Oh! It is not a dinosaur . This your painting." I became a little angry and asked," Oh Really?" And took a pillow and threw on his face. He was laughing loudly which increased my anger and I slightly pushed him back and somehow he fell down and this time ,I laughed louder. Seeing this he asked making fun of me," So you have the power to push me? " I said" Yes!"

Suddenly, My legs felt numb and I fell down.

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