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White walls by Cherrykuroi
White wallsby Cherry
Two entities live within the white walls, the predator and the prey. It may be up to them which is which. A moonless night. A sunless day. The thick white mist surrounds...
  • fiction
  • story
  • horror
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The Wife He Never Noticed by ___Rosegold___
The Wife He Never Noticedby ___Rosegold___
Married... but not by choice. She had hopes but he can't even look at her. Highest ranking in- #1 in lovehaterelationships #1 in unnoticed category #1 in admire category...
  • badluck
  • cliche
  • lovetriangle
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BAD LUCK by Suicide_Is_My_Friend
BAD LUCKby My_Broken_Mind
Deku is an orphan who was abandoned in birth, abused by the caretakers, bullied by his peers and most of all his quirk was late, if youd think he'd be happy hell no it o...
  • hope
  • purely
  • innocent
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Letter To My Thugs by shay--m
Letter To My Thugsby Unexpected_Error
Just read ❤️ ❌MATURE CONTENT❌
  • hoodlove
  • thuglove
  • drunk
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American Gangster | ✔️ by ExactAura
American Gangster | ✔️by 🌸Nicole🌸
Braeden Colt was raised with a gang leader called Rocco since her parents died when she was young. Everyone at school is scared of her, god, even the gang is scared of h...
  • hotguys
  • hotguy
  • badluck
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Karma: So, I'm the bitch? by JaydenGarcia051
Karma: So, I'm the bitch?by Jayden Garcia
My name is Karma, daughter of an inhuman woman named Alexis Ryan, and the Frost Giant Loki Laufeyson. My father had gave me the name by accident, referring to karma that...
  • badluck
  • inhumans
  • infinitywar
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Maneko [Shouto Todoroki x Reader] by Hooomantrash
Maneko [Shouto Todoroki x Reader]by Best Boii
🐱 This book is available in Polish (@_blu3f0xy) and Italian (@kamisamapotter4ever), thanks to these WONDERFUL people (you can also check them out on my reading lists if...
  • todorokixreader
  • badluck
  • bokunohero
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Breaking the badasses  by schoolsucks2003
Breaking the badasses by Lonleygirl2003
17 year old Electra is one girl you don't want to mess with. She's so tough she could make the devil himself cry in the corner for his mother, however beneath her feisty...
  • love
  • boyfriend
  • motorcycle
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I Taught The Bad Boy How To Drive✔ by TheUnicornIntheRain
I Taught The Bad Boy How To Drive✔by Neon
[[Highest Ranking #8: 1/6/18]] ((Completed on: 28/3/18)) When hot and popular, Adrian Skyler and the typical goody girl, Alyssa Payton, get into a minor car accident (To...
  • heartbreak
  • badboy
  • love
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Stuck With Crazy by DiamondStanford
Stuck With Crazyby Diamond Stanford
Imagine having a crazy baby mom. Not your normal crazy.. I'm talking Straight jacket custom made Certified NUTTY, goes by the name Markia and calls herself Mrs. Jordan...
  • shortchapters
  • different
  • craziness
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Mother Lucker | ✔ by grammatically
Mother Lucker | ✔by - ̗̀ Awkward Avacado ̖́-
*Featured Wattpad Story* ❝As they say, opposites attract.❞ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Daniel Mormon is the luckiest person alive. Without even trying, he gets girls, grades, and attentio...
  • shines2017
  • love
  • projectwomanup
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Forcedly married to the person whom rejected me by SherlockNholmes
Forcedly married to the person Gucci
Elizabeth Connor, A former citizen of the village that despise her poor family. She's bright and shy, just like any other girl at her century. She had a crush on the pri...
  • farmersdaughter
  • love
  • conflict
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My Mafia Man  by AlissaWalton9
My Mafia Man by Ghost Writer
Camila, a rough around the edge girl getting caught in a world she didn't know she belonged to. With a bad past she still has a heart of gold. The people around her whe...
  • wattys2018
  • tattoos
  • pain
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Perfect 2019. by Teenage_Dirt_Bag
Perfect Teenage_Dirt_Bag
California native, Serina Reynolds, has been content living in her small town and wants to continue her life. But there's one set back, her dad got a new job that's base...
  • wattys2019
  • harry
  • punk
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Trapped In (2) by itsmyjam
Trapped In (2)by Lyss ☽
Lillian Perkins is having a horrible day from start to finish and a clueless Dakota Thornton waltzing into her workplace in need of a book for his sister doesn't exactly...
  • highschool
  • funny
  • bookstore
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Lucky Me by -mae_read-
Lucky Meby Mae_I_help_you
I never expected this to happen. I never thought I would get to feel this way about anyone again. And I'm scared because I think I'm falling for him. HARD.
  • hate
  • protagonist
  • antagonist
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Dissemble Gangster by DepBlaec
Dissemble Gangsterby Black
My personality is who I am , My attitude depends on who you are . ~ Kian Faith Blimmer Kian Faith Blimmer is a Gangster-Leader of Draphoneix Gang. Story of girl who find...
  • romcom
  • goodgirl
  • kianfaithblimmer
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Poisonous Revenge by doudiiiii
Poisonous Revengeby Cute&Sweet🖤
"Why?" was the last word she said, before she passed away... Girl goes missing, fifteen years later, her parents get a call from her older self. But they liste...
  • badluck
  • whyme
  • descriptive
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Our Last Chance by xcjkcx
Our Last Chanceby jk
"You think you can just run that pretty little mouth of yours whenever you want?" Parker growls. I scoff and cross my arms. "I have a right to my own acti...
  • romance
  • secrets
  • teenromance
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The Evil Reputed by Thoughtbreather
The Evil Reputedby Half_Dawid
If you get a bad reputation, it doesn't matter who you really are anymore. My name alone makes people shudder and my reputation is what the new people at school base th...
  • gothqueen
  • justice
  • rivals
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