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Gang Love by tae_btw
Gang Loveby Ylmarieeee
20 year old Melanie Domani Williams has had money on her head since she could remember , losing her mother and baby brother in the mist of that, all because her dad hat...
The Mask Man In The Woods by shadow_girl16
The Mask Man In The Woodsby Emma
Who knew going to the woods could change an innocent girl's life entirely with a flip of a coin? Who knew the local legend of the masked man turned out to be true? Certa...
Loved With Cold Eyes ✔ by BlackSpadezioi
Loved With Cold Eyes ✔by Błæčķ ßpæđəż📍
It all started when a girl painted a car bugatti la voiture noire . Without knowing the consequences ... Life has always been ruthless to her but What w...
Maneko [Shouto Todoroki x Reader] by Hooomantrash
Maneko [Shouto Todoroki x Reader]by Best Boii
🐱 This book is available in Polish (@_bluef0x) and Italian (@kamisamapotter4ever), thanks to these WONDERFUL people (you can also check them out on my reading lists if...
ANUGAAMINI- The Boundaries by rumjhum_
ANUGAAMINI- The Boundariesby Rumjhum_
Y E A R 1 9 9 5. ~ "Please fly off to London beta...", she almost pleaded. "I can't Maa...", Anuj sobbed. "She'll get married today..."...
What The End Looks Like | ✓ by lau_matthews
What The End Looks Like | ✓by Laurea Matthews
The final book (4) in the What A Lie Looks Like series! Dean Benson finally has everything he thinks he's ever wanted. The job, the relationship with his brother, his...
How to save a Bad Boy✔️ by floatsus
How to save a Bad Boy✔️by Georgina
"I need your help." He was obviously drunk, and I was obviously confused. "What the fu-" Mason pushed a hand to my mouth. "Shhh," he shus...
A Certain Remnants Imagine breaker by thedoctorgonepale
A Certain Remnants Imagine breakerby Thedoctorgonepale
Touma Kamijou is a average looking boy with no aura or semblance. Instead there is a strange ability in his right arm that allows him to cancel out supernatural and magi...
Always, My Child by nightwing2
Always, My Childby Alfred F. Jones
Harry Potter abused by family. Dumbledore knows as he pays them. Harry doesn't tell anyone out of fear of Headmaster. After Sirius returns to the Ancestral Black House...
ATTENTION/J.jk by vx_mina000
ATTENTION/J.jkby vx_mina000
ئەوەی ئەمویست سەرنجی ئەوبوو بەڵام ئەوەی ڕویدا چاوەڕوان نەکراو بوو ؟؟؟؟:واتا قسەو قسەڵۆکەکان ڕاست بوون ؟؟؟؟:تکایە واز بێنن وامەکەن تکایە ؟؟؟؟:پەشیمان دەبیتەوە ؟؟؟؟:خۆشم...
Falling Through The Hourglass | Jason Todd x Male Reader by TinyRaptorz
Falling Through The Hourglass | ♤Just a Lil' Guy♡
"Just his luck." You'd like to say you were just a simple young man, trying to make an honest living. But, being a goon for the Gotham Rogues isn't exactly a...
chrysanthemum | hanako x reader by tbh_creatura
chrysanthemum | hanako x readerby breeze
┆ ┆ ┆ ┆⋆ ┆ ┆ ┆જ ☁︎ ┆ ° ☁︎ • ➵ ✩ ◛ ° ┆彡 ☾ . ' ' and sorry, i would take it all back if i could, but i k...
Lincoln's Guardian by Edeemer17
Lincoln's Guardianby Edeemer17
A Loud House Jurassic Park/World crossover In this alternate universe the dinosaurs introduction into the modern ecosystem happens in 2015 and the Indoraptor survives i...
American Gangsters | ✔️ by ExactAura
American Gangsters | ✔️by 🌸Nicole🌸
Braeden Colt was raised with a gang leader called Rocco since her parents died when she was young. Everyone at school is scared of her, god, even the gang is scared of h...
Misanthrope by GenGrimReap
Misanthropeby Xylen Aiel
An 18-year-old boy named Kwangsun was arrested by the police as a prime suspect in a murder case. He was severely tortured by the police as he had no relatives. He was t...
Wrong Place Wrong Time  by babe_lily
Wrong Place Wrong Time by babe_lily
Ivory Sallaven (Gia) was walking home from work one night alone a lonely path. She soon turn to head into her apartment but is stopped to a man standing over a dead body...
Bloody series #1 "TAME THE BEAST"  by EyesOfReal
Bloody series #1 "TAME THE BEAST" by @Shade_of_blue
Alistair Sylvan is a rich man with core handsomeness that he inherited from his father , all the wowen around him fall in love with him , but none of them catch his eyes...
Falling Again by jrm727
Falling Againby jrm727
Vanessa Russo is a seventeen year old girl. She attends Triton High School and is currently a senior. She has two amazing best friends Sophia and Brittany. She has a lot...
[Bennett X Razor] Wolfhooked☆ by Cat_is_a_gender
[Bennett X Razor] Wolfhooked☆by Ankye
Razor's not sure what his feelings towards Bennett are, but all he knows is he wants to be by his side. Bennett soon realizes his feelings for Razor and doesn't want any...
The True Lincoln  by king121213
The True Lincoln by king121213
After week's of Lincoln being treated as bad luck by his family and friends, Lincoln's family finally came clean and told Lincoln that it was just a punishment, that kno...