Chapter 2

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Mom came running towards me and said," Avni, you are back. Now go and freshen up , I want you to meet some people. They would be here at any time." I asked confused," But Mom who is coming." She pushed me into our house saying, "Go and get ready then I'll tell you."

I knew how mom was. She always did things and then explained it to me. So I quietly went to my room, freshened up and just sat reading the newspaper. Then Mom came and said, " They said they would be coming in 15 minutes. Now you carefully listen to me. "

I asked," Tell me mom, I am waiting since when." She continued,"Okay, I know you would get angry but you have to listen to me. A boy and his family is coming to meet you. I want you to get married.". " Whaaaattt! " I screamed ," mom, how could you do this to me? You should have told me before and moreover I don't want to marry,Mom!" She consoled,"Listen dear, I am not telling to marry now but within a year or two. You have already got a job in you campus and within a month your college will also get over so I thought...." . " No Mom! No, I don't want to marry!" She continued," Alright Avni , just tell me one thing, Have I ever taken a wrong decision for you?" I said, " No Mom, I didn't mean that. I just wanted..." She broke in between and spoke," Then for me , meet this boy". Reluctantly , I agreed and said, " But if this boy doesn't like me then I would marry only when I want to". She agreed.

After this long debate, they finally arrived and before they came inside, I went into the kitchen and brought tea for them. I served them tea and when I looked at that boy's face, I thought I have seen him before but I couldn't remember where.

As usual they left us so that we could talk . Of course , I was not at all in a mood to talk so he started, " Hi, I'm Vineet, You name is...??" I replied "I'm Avni.Have I seen you before." He replied," Yeah actually we both studied at the same graduation college." He asked," Did you tell your Mom abut that train incident where your train's first bogie got burnt." I was shocked and had no idea how he got to know about it so I asked," But how did you get to know about it". So he said, " I will tell you about it when the right time comes." So I requested him," Alright please don't tell about it to Mom, she would become ill taking stress. Please." He agreed. Then we talked about random things and soon Mom and his parents came and they left.

I didn't know what was going to happen and I also didn't expect anything . He was just an ordinary stranger for me. Now everything was based on his answer. Mom loved them and wanted this relation to go ahead but I wasn't really convinced.

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