Chapter 3

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Weeks had passed by and today was my last day at college . I had got no news since then about Vineet or his answer. So I had made the conclusion that no marriage was going to happen . Being the last day, I submitted all my assignments and left for the bus stop to go home.

Since that last train incident, I couldn't even look up at a train. I stood at the bus stop when I heard some people talking. They were saying that today there was a bus strike. Oh no! Now what would I do? I asked a person beside me about the next bus so he said that the next bus would come at night.

I waited for almost 4-5 hours when I saw a bus coming. I stood up in relief but then I saw it wasn't going to my town. I quietly sat down. I waited for another hour. Then I lost my whole patience and just took my luggage and crossed the road to see if any other vehicle was coming but I wouldn't go railway station at any cost.

I was standing when I heard loud honking from behind . I looked behind to see a car . The flashlight was directly coming into my eyes so I wasn't able to see a single thing. I just shouted,"Whoever is there inside this car, plz stop honking and also adjust this flashlight properly." Suddenly, someone came out of the car.

Did I say something much? I got scared and took a step behind. Then I saw the face of the person walking towards towards me and I yelled," You!!!!!".

(So friends, some may have  guessed who is this person. I know this was quite a short and a boring chapter. But next ones would be quite interesting. Plz stay tuned and don't forget to vote and comment.)

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