Chapter 18

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Days went by and I was still in depression. I went to work, came back and this was my daily routine. I had almost stopped talking to anyone and spoke only when it was required. All were sad seeing this condition of mine but I was quiet.

It was a normal morning as usual and I was getting ready. Vineet came and asked ," Did you see my wallet?" I quietly opened the drawer , took out his wallet and handed it to him. He thanked me and then after a few seconds, he again asked," Umm.. Do you know where my watch is?" I again opened the drawer but it was not there so I checked in the cupboard but there too it was not there . I looked all over my room but it was nowhere to be seen . I was frustrated and I began mumbling," Vineet, you should be more careful with your things. Everytime, you forget your things here and there ." Saying such things, even I didn't realize when my volume had increased.

In between my scolding, I heard a laugh. I turned to see him laughing loudly and then he pulled off his shirt sleeve from his wrist to show his watch. I asked," Vineet! You have your watch then why did ask me to find it?" He was still laughing and spoke," See the thing is that you talked after so long." I don't know why but I also couldn't control my smile hearing all his plan to make me talk. So I asked," So this was your plan?" From behind someone spoke," No it was our plan." Ma and Baba came smiling towards us. They continued," Finally we got our Avni back." And then we all came together for a family hug and then Ma spoke," I have a surprise for you both." We asked," What surprise Ma?" She replied," Vineet , your friend had called and asked if you would be coming for your college reunion party so I said Yes. Aren't you both excited?" I looked at Vineet in shock as his colleagues would surely tease us  seeing that He married me, the lonely girl.

Vineet looked happy and readily agreed. I don't know now what was going to happen.

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