Chapter 26

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I looked at Vineet for an explanation. His face went down. The man in the photograph was none other than my father. Yes, it has been years since he died but now I just saw him in the photograph. How was this even possible?? I needed answers so I just went and asked Vineet," Tell me, How has Papa's photo been taken. Surely, it is a Photoshop. And If it is then why would someone do it?"

Vineet looked up to me and said," HE IS ALIVE! Yes, This was the secret been hidden from you since years. He is not a good man you ever imagined him to be. He first enacted a fake love for your mother and married her but once she gave birth to a girl child, he started torturing Mom and one day he finally left her saying that he would never allow both of you to live happily. Then it was your mother who faked the death of your father and always told you that he was a good man.  He has tried his best to bring sadness to you. That day your leg had become weak because he had mixed some sort of drug in your drink. His men have always been following you and noticing each and every thing you did.  It was his men only who kidnapped me and took me to a place that day. On reaching there , He came before me and threatened to kill me and then laughing he said all the truth to me. He didn't want me to make you happy so he planned to kill me. He pushed me from a dam  into the water and left the place thinking that I died . I swam and went into hiding with a friend's help because I knew If I went back home, he could trace me and again get a chance to kill me. So that's why I called you now as now I can go out of hiding and Find evidence against him.

As he finished speaking, I felt my whole body numb and Tears froze in my eyes. I was more than shocked. I didn't know how to react .The person whom My mother equated with God Had given her so much of sufferings. I have to do give her justice and I would go to any extent for that.

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