Chapter 13

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I was like a statue for a minute and couldn't believe what the doctor said. Vineet just jumped and screamed onto the doctor," Doctor, Are you aware about what you are saying? Avni can't walk! No, This is a hoax. You are doing a prank on me! Please tell me this was a joke." The doctor calmed him down," Listen Vineet, All I said was true and She has to go through vigorous physiotherapy before she can at least stand and I think that too is not sure." I was still in the same position.

Vineet sat down and asked doctor with his teared eyes on me," Doctor, Please Help us . Please!". The doctor took him out and they began talking which I wasn't able to hear. Ma and Baba came near me . I was not able to do anything not even speak to them. So Ma kept her hand on my head and told," Avni! Just keep calm. Vineet will never let you be sad. For you, he would do everything he can." I didn't reply and remained quiet. They told Mom about this and soon she also came running . She was almost crying and I had to console her because she used to be ill and if she got more stress then Her illness would increase.

Mom helped me to freshen up and then after some time she went home. I was alone in my room. For a long time, Vineet was not at home and he came back late at night. I asked him," Where were you?" And He replied," I'll tell you everything tomorrow morning . I have talked about it to Ma and Baba and they are happy." I said," I hope everything gets back to normal." And I sighed .

He came and sat on a chair before me and spoke," Just relax and keep faith in me. You should have self-confidence then only anything can happen." I replied," Vineet, I'll try my best and I believe in you so I know you would do the best for me."

Then We talked for long and didn't realize when we dozed off to sleep.

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