Chapter 22

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It was 8 and still he had not come. I was waiting and trying to call him but he wasn't picking up his phone . I was very tensed. Slowly slowly time passed and it was 10. Now I couldn't wait anymore and I went to Ma and told her my problem. She told Baba also and we all were constantly trying to call him but his phone was now switched off. I called his colleagues and asked them about his whereabouts but they said that he had left earlier. Now I got more tensed. What might have happened to him?

I didn't know what to do. I just walked here and there in panic. Then suddenly I came up with the idea to call the police. But then Baba reminded me that The police couldn't file a missing complaint before 24 hours. Still I tried to contact one of the policeman I knew and told him the problem. He was ready to help but he said that he couldn't file an official complaint before the time limit. I agreed and he left to search along the road which he used to come. As it was night, it was going to be very difficult for us to search.

Some time later, the policeman, his name was Neerav and he was just like my little brother and Vineet's best friend, called me and informed that he searched the whole highway but neither Vineet was visible nor his car. Now what to do was the question? Ma said to wait till morning and then surely we would get a solution. I reluctantly agreed.

In the morning, Neerav and the other policemen came and began asking us questions. I lost my patience and took off my scooty towards the highway. As I drove, I checked all over the road but there was no sign of him. I asked the people of the shops there regarding seeing Vineet's car Nd so on but they didn't know anything.

I had prepared myself for what was going to come. Now I had no idea as how to move further. As I reached home the policeman told me to sit and began," So , Does Vineet have any enemies or any sort of grudges will anyone?" I lost my temper and shouted," Vineet and grudges! This is something that cannot happen even in somebody's dreams . He is the the best person in this entire world." Neerav said, "Calm down Di. We know him but you have to be prepared if you get any ransom calls in case of kidnapping." I calmed down but my eyes had filled with tears . I cried very badly and Ma handled me. Where are you Vineet??

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