Chapter 12

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For a second I thought I fell down because of my lehenga and so I also started laughing.Vineet asked me," Are you alright? " I replied" Yes, I am fine." And I tried to stand up when I fell down again. Seeing this,Vineet stood up and came running to me and helped me to get up and made me sit on the chair kept aside.

Vineet asked me,"Avni! Why aren't you able to walk?" I replied," I don't know. My feet feels heavy." He asks me," Shall I check your feet?" I nodded and then we saw that my feet had got swollen very badly. He got scared and called Ma . I was very afraid and conscience inside me kept on telling me that something was terribly wrong.

Ma came and said,"I think, today you stood for a long time and that has put a lot of stress on your feet so I'll give a medicine. You apply it and sleep and in the morning, we'll show it to a doctor." I agreed and after applying the medicine, I laid down to sleep. Vineet sat beside me whole night.

In the morning,I woke up screaming in pain. Now my feet had swollen more than before and I just couldn't bear the pain. The doctor was called immediately. He came and checked me. He gave a painkiller which reduced the pain and then he checked my feet. After observing for some time, he stood up and started to speak,"So, there's a problem but you all should be strong". I asked impatiently,"What's the problem doctor? Please tell me." He again began speaking with an expression of sympathy,
"She has got some serious problem with her feet. So now there are very less chances of her to walk again"
I was shocked!!

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