Chapter 30

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My eyes open and I see everything faded. I suppose I am in a hospital. Someone says," Are you Alright dear?" I recognize it as Ma's voice. She's here. I know it would be so difficult for her to handle what happened to Vineet. She says," Avni! You should have told us before. Even we have the right to know." I can hear sobs in between. She continues," You can't imagine how hard it is for me to control my tears." I say" Ma, I know it's all my fault and I am ready to face the consequences. Otherwise Vineet wouldn't have faced this. I just feel so empty. I can't live it , Ma. I need Help."

Ma and Baba look shocked. Ma says," Why are you saying like this dear. I was talking about the tears of happiness we got after hearing the knees that we are going to be grandparents. Isn't it so joyful ? Then why are you saying about ending up your life."

I paused for a second and looked at them in confusion. I spoke," Ma, Actually What happened is..." Suddenly there's a sound of bursting balloons and I close my ears and eyes hearing the commotion. " The thing is Avni hid from me too" said a familiar voice.

Wait! What?? Vineet is alive. I screamed aloud in happiness and ran to him giving him a tight hug and said, You are here. I was so scared. I thought..." He stopped me in between and said," Control your emotions Avni . I just left the place some time ago." He signals me to not to say any further about the incident. I stay silent and smile at Ma and Baba.

They soon leave and now I and Vineet are left alone in the room . He says," The gunshot you heard went up as I tilted the gun upwards and due it's sound I screamed. As we went on fighting for the gun, I suppose, in between this, you fainted. Soon some policemen barged inside and saved me. I gave them the recorder and now that man has been arrested along with all his guards. Then I brought you to the hospital and doctor said you fainted due to extreme shock but both you and the baby are fine. "

I smiled at that last sentence and then asked him," What did you tell Ma and Baba?" He replied," I told them that I had got kidnapped but I ran from them and as soon as I became safe , I called you and then you fainted suddenly in front of me and I brought you here. So the doctor informs me that You are pregnant. This is the story I told them as I don't want them to worry."

I ask," Just one more thing, How did the policemen reach there?" He replies," You know,  I am way too smart than you even think. I had called them before we entered that man's bungalow."

I reply," Sometimes, you do such things that I think I should have known you during college days only and should have had a liking for you but let it be now. "

We both laugh. With a pleasant face, I ask," So Mr. Vineet, Are you ready to become our child's Father?" He smiles and replies," Yes sure and I promise you Avni! I would fight the entire world for both of you."

So at the end , my destiny played so much with me but the most important thing I learned is that Life is what you make it and it always depends on you how you shape your future. ' Fate' and ' Destiny' are just words and nothing else. All I know is that I got the World's best husband or you can say a best friend for life.

(So guys, this is the end. In the next chapter I am gonna give a Thanksgiving to my readers and that's it. Plz do vote and comment. )

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