Chapter 21

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" Ouch!", I woke up with severe headache. Vineet who was getting ready spoke ," So you are up. Having any sort of Hangover?" I then remembered what all happened last night. I didn't know how to react to his question so I just simply replied,"  Why? What hangover? I don't drink." He smirked and spoke," Oh Really? I think you should think about it. I was planning to take you out somewhere in the evening but you don't seem interested. Still I'll  give you time. Tell me when I come back." And Smiling he went away.

I smiled , got ready and went to work. I was so excited that today we would go out. I finished all my work on time and went home early. Ma was happy to see me like this. I texted him," Come fast. I want to go out." He replied," So you accepted." " Yes" I texted back. It was 6 pm and I was eagerly waiting for him. He had told me that he would come by 6 but he hadn't come.

I called him so he said that he was on the way. I was standing out and looking for his car. Time went and it was was 7. I was calling him but he wasn't picking up the phone. I was getting stressed out . Ma came and told me to sit inside but I wanted to wait for him. Something did not seem correct and I was terribly worried.

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