The Forest of Unoriginal Naming

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I also wanted to bring it to your attention that as I was reviewing last chapter to figure out what parts of the plot I was writing in this one, I noticed that in my haste to get chapters done I haven't been going back over to check my grammar or spelling. It was absolutely disgusting. I was so disappointed in myself. I'm so sorry you had to read that. I fixed last chapter's conventions, but I have yet to go over past chapters. I'm so sorry that you've been reading absolute garbage :( please forgive me.

IMPORTANT: okay, so there is a flashback in here that is eerily similar to another flashback that came earlier. I hadn't noticed it before, but, now that I have, I noticed it seemed more like a continuation of the previous flashback. So yeah, it's now a continuation of the flashback a few chapters ago :3

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Everyone turned to look at me as I practically died of laughter.

"T-T-The Forest of D-Death?!" I burst into another fit of giggles, "That's like calling a restaurant 'The Place of Food!'"

Toki smiled sheepishly at a fuming Anko, "My apologies ma'am. She has a mental disorder-"

"I do not!"

"-and we would be much obliged if you would please forgive her," Toki finished.

Anko sniffed and the competitors slowly turned their attention back to her as I pouted.

Right as Anko was about to resume speaking, another voice interrupted her.

"Forest of death? Do your worst!" Naruto explained while pointing at Anko quite crudely.

"Damn! I think we missed the chicken dance!" Tatsuki-san sighed in disappointment.

I gained a dejected look in response, "We miss everything."

"Looks like we got ourselves a tough guy, huh?" Anko smirked before flinging a kunai at him, causing a scratch to appear on his cheek.

Then, in a blink of an eye, she appeared behind the shaken boy. She whispered something inaudible to us in his ear before licking his cheek.

I cringed and turned to Ayame, "I think she's a pedophile."

Ayame's face paled and she looked at me in fear, "Hai, captain."

"...Damn, you guys still aren't over that phase?"

Before she could say anything I heard a slithery voice that caused my face to ashen.

"Sorry, I was just returning your knife," The woman (man? Thing?) smiled creepily. (Definitely a thing)

"Oh my gosh...the biggest of all pedos is here: The Pedo-Snake," I mumbled to myself in panic.

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