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Hey guys! So, I haven't decided an update schedule, but I will try to pre type chapters so that I could just update when I don't have time. I'm think of updating every Friday? If not, it will be someday around Friday. Sorry and Thanks!

Pic of Tobi

I felt sunlight hit my face and groaned in my sleep. Noooo I don't wanna get up! I hate school...

I felt the wind blow around me, and a leaf landed softly on my school uniform, which consisted of a black mini-skirt and a white blouse with black boots.

I froze. Why do I feel wind? Why is there leaves? Why am I still wearing my uniform?

I shot up off the ground and started looking around. There was a beautiful, clear stream with a rocky cliff behind it. I also noticed this huge boulder in front of the cliff. 'That's got to have been placed there on purpose. If it was natural, the boulder would be as small as the other rocks around it because of the stream that keeps eroding away at the rocks,' I deduced calmly.

But who could have placed it there and why?

As I took a step forward I immediately noticed movement on my neck and reached up and grabbed it. It was a gold chain that had a mini version of my mirror on it. The mirror Sara gave me.

I looked at it in confusion. Where the heck did this come from?

"Zetsu-senpai! Zetsu-senpai! Were those bandits not good boys like Tobi?"

I immediately turned towards the voice and saw...




Two cosplayers?

What the hell are two cosplayers, playing Tobi and Zetsu, doing in the middle of nowhere?

Only one way to find out.

"Hey you two- yeah you: the idiots cosplaying in the middle of nowhere. where are we?!" I called out to them.

They both froze and turned to me.

"Zetsu-senpai, pretty girl-chan is too close to the base, do you want Tobi to be a good boy and get rid of her?" The one cosplaying as Tobi whispered pretty loudly to the one now face palming.

"Ha. Ha. Now tell me where the hell we-HEY! Were you two the ones that brought me here?" I asked. Now that I started thinking about it. I have to have been kidnapped or something for me to be here. I mean all I remember was falling through my- wait.

The two Akatsuki members looked at each other.

"I'm sorry pretty lady-chan, but Tobi doesn't  know what you're talking about," Tobi told me while giggling childishly.

"CUT IT OUT!" I yelled at him, thoroughly freaking him out, "There's no time to be cosplaying! Even though I absolutely love the show you're cosplaying, now's not the time! Kidnapping is a felony and can get you arrested! So tell me what's going on, before I have you behind bars!" I demanded.

"Tobi's scared!" The man whined before hiding behind the other one.

"Stupid Obito wannabe," I muttered angrily to myself before turning away from the two. I however didn't notice that both of the men had heard me and were frozen in shock at the name I muttered.

As I started to walk away from the two men to get my thoughts together and find out how I got here, the man with the orange mask known as Tobi flashed in front of me.

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