An Apprentice

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Hey guys! It's update Friday! WHOOP WHOOP! So I wanted to mention that I am an American and yes, I've seen the election and I'm PISSED. I'm sorry if you politically disagree with me, but Trump pisses me off and him winning was an insult to women, LGBT, Muslims, latinos, blacks, and basically everyone who isn't a straight, white male. The video above, which I don't own, expresses my mood when I heard he was going to be our next president. Excuse the language.

Today's chapter is dedicated to animegirl1617 ! She has given me so much support and it encouraged me to write more! Thanks for that friend!

Unknown POV

My body was shaking. What I had just witnessed was terrifying....but it was so beautiful.

It had been a normal day for me. I had headed down to the Kitsu village to collect my master's new test subjects when I noticed three lurking rain ninja. Oh well, they'll be disposed of soon enough. Or...that's what I had thought.

I had hidden behind a house where I watched the slaughter take place. I had looked to my right and saw that two homes down, a little Kitsu remained.

Ah, Toki Kitsu.

I had heard about her around the village. Poor thing. They had planned on leaving her as they didn't want their clan to look bad in front of my lord. She apparently had an amazing Kekki Genkai, but she was too scared to use it. In fact, her Kekki Genkai almost made Lord Orochimaru want her as his next vessel. But, sadly, we found out soon enough the downside of her abilities. She was going to die at the age of 18. There's nothing she can do about it. It's why her mother has already passed. She's the last living person with that curse. A poor child indeed. She'd be dead soon enough. I mustn't bother with her.

I focused on her to see that her hand was covering her eyes as she wept and it was quite obvious she hadn't seen the girls face. She must have gotten stuck at her eyes.

Those eyes.

The amount of fear that had driven itself into me from just glancing at them had reminded me of my lord's eyes . In fact, I had only ever felt that amount of fear from my lord! No one else! This...this was something that must be reported.

...Oh, yes, so beautiful.

Lord Orochimaru will definitely want to hear about this. That girl...her powers....

I licked my lips as I thought of all the possibilities.

Kameda Kira, huh? We'll most definitely meet again.


(Kira's POV)

"-and you brought a little girl into our base," Pein deadpanned.

"She's my apprentice!" I defended.

"Aren't you supposed to be strong to have an apprentice, un?" Deidara asked.

I glared right through his head.

"Hey! O- Shishio is the strongest!" Kira retorted, but blushed red at a slip up she had made.

I didn't have time to think about what she had meant because Pein brought my attention back to him when he sighed.

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