That's When She Knew, She Fucked Up

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Hey guys! It's Friday! I updated on time, just like I promised. I really hope I can keep this up! Hehe. Oh, the chapter is shorter than usual, sorry for that but I have this whole plan for the next chapter and I feel that adding more will just make the chapter rushed.

Today's chapter is dedicated to AllToo_Well for inspiring me to actually publish this story in the first place. Thanks for that, buddy!

Pic is of Pein and Konan

I was lead into the same meeting room I popped into the previous time I- uh, 'fell'- into this world. Hidan told me that leader wanted to talk to me, so he wasn't going to kill me and all that bullshit, but I knew it was fake. After all, this is the Akatsuki- A S-rank criminal organization that will almost succeed in taking over the world. The Akatsuki members, who were all sitting at the meeting table, shot their attention towards me the second I walked in.

Geez, what do these people do all day? Just sit and wait for somebody to walk in? They need to get a life or something.

"I'm surprised you came back," Pein said, narrowing his eyes at me.

"To be honest," I spoke up, "I am too. I'd much rather be watching Ouran Highschool Hostclub than be here chancing my life."

Not true. As much as I love Mori-Senpai, I would rather actually be in one of my favorite animes. Not at the Akatsuki base, but with Panda-chan or Naru-chan. So it's more of a half truth.

"Then why are you here?" Kisame asked, curious.

"I have to practice my new...abilities. It seems I need more practice though, seeing as I wasn't planning on landing here any of the past times," I answered honestly.

"I see."

There was a pause, "If I may, why is it that you've called me here instead of dishing out a kill on sight order."

"Kameda Kira, you said your name was, I have a proposition for you," Pein stated, catching my attention, "From the information we've gathered, we know that you can teleport to different locations, contain no chakra, and seem to be able to calm yourself and think of a strategy when under pressure-"

"How the hell did you figure that out?!"

"We have witnessed you teleport, and from your previous statements of not meaning to end up here, we have concluded that you can teleport to any given location (although you obviously need practice). From Hidan's ritual failing, we realized you have no chakra. Finally, we can tell you could keep calm and think because of your impulsive words towards Hidan in an attempt to keep him talking so you could think of how to escape, and how you used your injury as an advantage so you could get away," He explained calmly, "These are main traits needed for an Akatsuki Spy."

I think I know where he's going with this.

"I want you, Kameda Kira, to become an Akatsuki spy, or die because of your knowledge. What do you choose?"

"But I don't like either of those choices," I mumbled quietly.

I saw a couple members smirk at me.

Damn them and their special hearing!

"Of course they have special hearing. They're ninja," Kana spoke slowly as if talking to a child.

"Shut up, Kana, I'm not stupid," I snapped at her.

The Akatsuki members raised a brow at me.

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