Another Test?! Oh come on!

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Hey guys! It's update Friday! Are you excited? I'm excited! Do you know why I'm excited? It's because......I'M A BANANA, I'M A BANANA, I'M A BANANA, LOOK AT ME NOW!-sorry, ignore me. I swear I'm not on crack.

Sorry for the short chapter! Also the very slow beginning... I'll try to get to some of the plot next chapter. Sorry for the wait!

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Pic is of Itachi, Kisame, and his tampon-sword! I WAS JUST KIDDING! *runs away from Kisame*

"T-Today?" I asked again for confirmation.

Pein nodded, "Yes, today you will be tested to see if there has been any improvement. Only then will I see if i am to give you higher ranking missions."

"That does make sense, but who will I fight?" I questioned.

You see it's been two weeks since I joined the Akatsuki. And apparently, every once in a while I'm supposed to fight a different member to see if I have any improvement, and to see what I need to work on.

I don't really mind who I have to fight. I've gotten along with many members.

Itachi is now my most frequent sensei. Even with his painful ways of teaching, he was one of the only ones who was able to actually teach me something without ranting about my stupidity and cussing the shit out of me. I would consider him a friend, but he'd probably deny it. Or just 'Hn,' either way it would mean the same thing.

Hidan and I have gotten on friendlier terms. However, I'm still his 'Bitch' and he's still my 'Asshole.' That hasn't changed.

Kakazu had a small respect for me as I beat him in poker. It was pretty shocking considering he wears a mask and I don't.

Sasori and I aren't on the best terms. After his 'training session,' where he totally just beat the shit outta me, we didn't speak much. That was that.

Deidara and I aren't exactly friendly either as I might've accidentally asked if he was a woman or a man. WHAT?! HE LOOKS LIKE A FLAT-CHESTED WOMAN! HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!

I've never really spoken to Zetsu or Konan, so I'm not sure about them. Same goes for Pein, other than when he's assigning missions or (almighty) pushing me out of his office. Tobi and I are cool, I guess. He just keeps giving me suspicious looks all the time. I'm really not looking forward to the talk we're going to end up having because I knew who he was.

Kisame is the person I really don't want to fight. You see, we were getting along great until I accidentally let something slip that fucked up our whole relationship.


"Hey, Kisame! It's been awhile!"

He put his sword down, "Yeah, I was on a pretty long mission and- what, what is it?"

"Is that a giant tampon?!"

*~Flashback End~*

Let's just say that Kisame was pretty upset that I called his favorite sword a giant tampon. HEY, YOU CANT BLAME ME! IT LITERALLY LOOKS LIKE A 7 FOOT TAMPON!

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