Meeting Panda-chan

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Hey guys! I have SO many ideas for the story coming up and I'm so anxious to set them into play! Thanks for being patient with me! Also thought I should warn you, I haven't watched the show in years so I'm not going to get what they say word for word, but it should be relatively similar because of the numerous fanfics I read XD

Pic of Toki! I actually drew her hehehe. I know I'm not very good at it but I tried ahaha. Please don't steal the drawing.

"UGH! Finally! Finally we're here!" Toki shouted in irritation as I gave the guards our passes for a seal of approval.

"Awwww didn't you like the trip?" I asked her childishly.

"Hell no!" She screeched at me, "None of you said anything! The twins are fucking scared of you for no reason! So no one talked the whole-!"

"Okay, okay I get it!" I interrupted, "you're hurting the poor crow's ears."

"Crows don't have ears, stupid," Toki insulted.

"They actually do," I pet the beautiful black crow, "they're just hidden under the feathers, which are called auriculars, and cover the openings on the side of their heads."

"Whatever," Toki sighed before looking at the twins who hadn't said a word the whole trip.

I glanced at them in sadness. They fear me because of the incident. They haven't said a word to me since. When I speak to them directly, they respond with, "yes, captain" or "no, captain." It's quite annoying.

"In my defense," Tatsuki-san started, "I only meant for them to give you respect. Their disrespect annoyed me. I didn't think they would become sniveling cowards."

I inwardly sighed. I had actually forgiven Tatsuki-san. I was weary of her, as I am not stupid, but I recognize the fact that she had indeed saved my life. Even though her kill was savage and awful, it was how she was. And who was I to judge? I was the one to massacre the rest of the clan- well, the group that was there- was I not?

"Okay, you're all set," one of the gate guards, Izumo if I remember correctly, smiled at me, which effectively snapped me out of my thoughts,"Good luck in the exams! The hotels are to the east of the village."

"Thank you very much," I smiled politely.

He blushed a bit and Kotetsu smirked at him and gave him a nudge then glanced at me then back at him.

I had no idea what was going on.

I also noticed that Itachi's crow seemed to get a bit...defensive? Can crows even get defensive?

I inwardly shrugged and turned away and began my walk to the east side of the village. Toki and the twins followed behind silently for the time being.

"H-Hey wait! Please!" I heard Izumo call out.

I looked back at him questioningly.

He seemed to blush deeper.

"Uh...I, uh, wanted to know your name, if I may," he stuttered out awkwardly.

Toki smirked at me, as if figuring out what was happening, and the twins shared a glance.

"Oh, my name is Kameda Kira. May I know your name as well?" I asked as it was the polite thing to do. However, it seemed to irritate the bird. Odd.

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