The Last Kitsu

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Pic of Kira! This pic is by Tishikoru!

My eyes snapped open. I faintly heard laughter ringing through my head as well as a ringing noise. A groaned as I tried to get up but was hit by a wave of dizziness. I grabbed my head and mewled softly at the sharp pain. I stood up carefully and slowly, soaking in my surroundings. I froze in shock at what I saw.


Blood everywhere.

I looked closer at the bodies only to notice that they were the same clan members that attacked us. Three looked like they were drowned. One looked like he/she was burned alive. However, the majority had a single senbon needle stuck in their neck.


I slapped my cheeks to get ahold of myself. I took a deep breath. I need to analyze the situation. I can panic later.

I took another look at the bodies and paused.

'Senbon?' I thought to myself as I examined the bodies.

I retched in horror and disgust at the final body. It was mutilated; ripped to shreds. In fact, I could barely tell i-HE used to be human.

Who could've done this?! And why?!

"K-Kira?" I heard a terrified small voice call me.

I choked in shock when I recognized it as Ayumi's voice.

"Is that you? Or..." she trailed off.

What could she possibly mean by that?

"Obviously it's me. Who else could it be?" I tried to sound calm as I internally panicked over what was happening.

I wake up on the grounds of a massacre with absolutely no recollection of what just happened, and Ayumi had just stuttered. The world's gonna end.

Ayumi flinched, "I'm taking Ayame and going back. Congrats on finishing the mission on your own."

On my own? What is she talking about?!

"W-Wait!" I called out, but it was futile, as both Ayumi and Ayame were nowhere to be seen.

I frowned as I walked as far away from the massacre as I could get. I can't think straight with those eyes watching me. They were watching my very soul! I mean, I've seen pictures of wars before and I've watched every horror movie you can think of, but seeing it with your own

I took a calming breath as I stood outside the gates of what used to be a lively village. I thought long and hard about every possible explanation of what could've happened.

They were Orochimaru's next test subjects...they could've mutated and killed each other. ....No. Those villagers specialize in Kitsu style techniques, which are water style jutsu from what I've seen. Someone could've came to help us...but who? An Akatsuki maybe? Or mayb-

"It was me."

My head snapped up at the ominous voice.

"W-Who's there?" I mentally cursed myself for allowing my voice to stutter shakily.


Great, so this person's a smartass.

"If that's what you wanna call it then who am I to stop you?"

My eyes widened and I froze utterly shook. I know I thought that and didn't say it out loud.

That's when it clicked.

'You're in my head.'

"DING DING DING! Congratulations! You're not a complete idiot!" The voice mocked.

"Wait a minute...Kanna?" My eyes widened.

"So you could feel that I'm from your mirror? Good. At least you have some type of bean as a brain."

"W-What did you do to Kanna?! Where is she?! Who are you?!" I shot out.

"Forget that bitch. I'm here now. Kanna's gone; I locked her up deep inside the mirror. You won't be hearing her anytime soon. You should also know that my name is Tatsuki Kurai(AN: Kurai means 'Dark' in Japanese). I'm the the Yin spirit of the Yin and Yang mirror demons.

I gasped in shock, "That means that you have the abilities of teleportation, attack and sealing! Does that mean you were the one to-!"

"No. I wasn't the one to kill them. You were. I simply allowed you to use my abilities."

"You're lying!" My hoarse voice rang out.

"Silly girl. Haven't you noticed that you're now wearing that necklace?"

I glanced down at the necklace. I stood dumbfounded. 'Didn't that man take my necklace before I passed out?'

"He did. I was able to control you for nearly a minute after that. I spent that whole minute torturing the man who took the necklace in the first place. After that, the girl- Ayame I believe her name was- tackled you to the ground in tears and clipped the mirror back onto your neck. Stupid girl, it sealed me back up and you took control. That's where you used my abilities to murder everyone else-"

"LIES! I did no such thing!" I interrupted.

"Believe me or not, but in your state of panic and fear of death, you used the attack part of my abilities and stabbed everyone with senbons."

"Senbons?" I asked numbly as my memories flooded back to me. The death. The desperation. The fear.

"Yes. My power of attack is to enhance certain weapons. Each person has a different weapon they can enhance. Yours just so happened to be Senbon needles."

Tears began to slip down my face.

'How ironic. I can't even wield a kunai, but I can wield an even more advanced weapon: Senbon.'

I killed those people. I took those people away from their families. What about that girl? She was watching wasn't she?

I suddenly froze. That girl...I didn't see her body. Could she...could she still be alive?

The other ninja that planned to attack that other group must have killed the elders by now. So that means...

My eyes glinted with new resolve.

I'm going to find her.

I'm going to find the last Kitsu.

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