Preliminary Rounds-Part 1

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Hey everyone! I planned on writing this earlier but I wanted to make it really long so now it's updated a bit later than usual, sorry. I also planned on finishing the preliminary rounds this chapter, but I'm already at 5153 words and I didn't want to push it XD

I looked around as the Hokage was giving a speech about the true meaning of the exams. I had already heard the long speech previously, so I decided to place my attention on more pressing matters: I have to find out if I changed the anime in any way.

I saw the rookie nine, Team Guy, Kabuto's team, the sound team, The sand siblings, my team, and -hold on...what the fuck? That's the team that I helped out in the forest! It's Isao, Dai, and Asami! Damn it! This is what happens when I try to help people: I fuck up the storyline.

"That's it, you got me. I'm out," Kabuto raised his hand, therefore dragging my attention back to the front.

Woah, what did I miss?

"What? Why?!" Naruto yelled angrily at him.

Damn, I think he broke my eardrums.....and he's on the other side of the room.

"I'm sorry, Naruto, but my body's beat. Going through that forest then being told to fight again? right away? I just can't do it," Kabuto explained.

The crow narrowed his eyes. He knew just as well as I do that Kabuto isn't done just yet.

When Kabuto met my eyes, he smirked at me. I mouthed 'snake' at him yet his smirk only stretched wider. Then he was gone.

"I understand why Kabuto is here now, "Sasori states through the crow. I gave him my full attention.

"You see, he's my pawn to spy on Orochimaru," Sasori began to explain, "It only makes sense that Orochimaru would use him."

That actually makes a lot of sense. Too bad I actually know the truth. Speaking of knowing, should I tell Sasori the truth? It would most definitely fuck up the plot, but wouldn't it be better without him? More importantly, who am I to choose who lives or dies?

Before I could think more on it, Sasuke and that 'Y' guy got called to fight. What was his name again? 'Yaoi' maybe?

Before we left for the stands, the proctor warned us that because there is an uneven number, somebody would have to fight twice. Apparently if that person lost one fight, but won the other then they would be able to move on. So, it is considered an advantage to be able to fight twice.

I shrugged that off because what are the chances that I'd actually be picked?

So, I strolled right over to Team 7, and I glomped my Naru-chan.

"Naru-chan!" I squealed.

His face turned a cute shade of red.

The other Leaf jonin, excluding Kakashi as he was quite used to this, were staring at the scene in shock.

"You weren't kidding," Asuma mumbled to Kakashi in surprise.

"Oh, Kira! You made it, believe it!" Naruto grinned.

"Of course I did," I told him cockily, "I actually set a record."

"What? How?" He asked curiously.

"I just grabbed somebody's scroll and teleported to the tower," I shrugged. He sweatdropped.

"Look! Sasuke's fight is starting," Sakura silenced us.

I looked down and saw Sasuke clutching his neck in pain.

Damn, I guess I wasn't able to stop it. I don't even remember what happened.

"You mean, you don't remember?" Sakura's voice flitted through my head.

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