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Kitty cats and the color pink: OHSHC  by ZoloWrites
Kitty cats and the color pink: OHS...by ZoloWrites
For the past few years, Hiromi Fujioka has been in the hospital, recovering from a bad accident. But now she's finally free again. The first thing she did when she got d...
⁕FEMALE EGOITISTS⁕~⁌⁋ Blue lock x F!Reader¶⁍ by akari135
⁕FEMALE EGOITISTS⁕~⁌⁋ Blue lock x...by goffygoofer
after the success of opening blue lock for boys and everyone participating in it... a few hours later blue lock dedicated to GIRLS also launched with the same idea. yo...
The Unknown (Alastor x reader) by LunerPhoenix
The Unknown (Alastor x reader)by Pheonix
(Y/n) is a young 16 year old girl with an achoholic father who killed her mother. After running away she meets a black deer who ends up being a demon her mother sent to...
Cliché (Andy Biersack) by NoemChopsky
Cliché (Andy Biersack)by SandlerHandler
Sophie Williams, painter, daughter, friend, ex girlfriend. Andy Biersack, singer, son, friend, doesn't date. Who knows where their story leads after their parents set t...
The Sanchez Chemical Reaction by tha_t_1_girl
The Sanchez Chemical Reactionby tha_t_1_girl
Rick couldn't help but be intrigued. There was something about you that caught his eye - your intelligence, your curiosity, your unwavering persistence, and your simila...
Black Roses {James Potter x OC}  by sarah_averagewriter
Black Roses {James Potter x OC} by sarah_averagewriter
-"No wonder you don't have a girlfriend with your trollish manners" "I'd call it more of a tedious rom-com Lily has forced me to live"- Zoe Wood and...
The Elemental Sorceress by sunflowernovels
The Elemental Sorceressby trin
Nova Furmell is an S-Class wizard of the Fairy Tail guild- the Master sent her on a secret mission and she returns with news of a lethal plot against the most powerful m...
Ancient Creature [bnha/kitsune!reader insert] by KweenLamer0
Ancient Creature [bnha/kitsune!rea...by Eoark
「 "You may not be a part of our kin, but your heart is a part of a zenko. Never forget (Y/N)." 」 The story where our reader is a full on kitsune yokai. One tha...
The Mother Of Dragons「 Sans & Papyrus Au's x Reader 」 by GoneToSleep
The Mother Of Dragons「 Sans & Papy...by Moe
❝ Long Ago, Lived Monsters, Humans, Mages, and Dragons. All living in peace. Until humanity decided that Monsters, and dragons weren't meant to thrive in peace along wit...
Red Roses  {James Potter x OC} | ON HOLD | by sarah_averagewriter
Red Roses {James Potter x OC} | O...by sarah_averagewriter
Even after being saved by her ex-crush from the clutches of his brother, Zoe still found herself suffering the repercussions that came along with being in the hands of s...
Silent Whispers (An Sbi/ Royal based Au) by Renasarian_Death
Silent Whispers (An Sbi/ Royal bas...by Renasarian_Death
Tommy hasn't always had the best life. through work, and tears he's barely survived. finally, he has enough and just leaves. A servant, running away in hope he never ret...
Wrath of the Villainess by 786cookie
Wrath of the Villainessby 786cookie
"A curse! A curse on you!" Rosalia de visevtia was the flower of society, but she was convicted of her crimes and sentenced to death But what if she cast a cur...
A Cat's Love [X Reader] by Cute_And_Sweet_Candy
A Cat's Love [X Reader]by Cute_And_Sweet_Candy
In a world where cat people are something that you can buy with large amount of money, everyone considered (Y/N) (L/N) to be one of the luckiest person to have owned, no...
blind sided (Yuri On Ice) Victuuri Ship by Animebnhafan
blind sided (Yuri On Ice) Victuuri...by
when victor sees the video of Yuri ice-skating, he notices how there is something wrong with Yuri's eyes, as if he is blind I will try to update every weekend ☺️ but I c...
Miraculous Vampires by Janicorn06
Miraculous Vampiresby Iris
One minute Marinette was having fun with her friends. The next she had been kidnapped by a vampire. And to top it all off, she just lost her parents in a car crash. How...
The Necklace of Elements [Book one] by Selene_Nova
The Necklace of Elements [Book one]by Selvone Nova
Boboiboy, a name that everyone had known and loved, a hero that helped those who were in trouble. But if that was the case, then who would help him if something happened...
"Not all of us are bad" Artemis X MaleReader by alonelywhitewolf
"Not all of us are bad" Artemis X...by Snowy
An Original Story brought to you by the author. The world of moonstern an alternate world to our earth that the greek gods fled to when people stopped believing in them...
Rise Above Fate by undefmidi
Rise Above Fateby undefmidi
"Are you my master?" With those words, his life changed. Bullied, Shot down, Humiliated, Hurt... Izuku Midoriya always wanted to become a hero, but what could...
𝐘𝐎𝐔'𝐑𝐄 𝐒𝐎 𝐕𝐀𝐈𝐍 - beau arlen by eclipswft
𝐘𝐎𝐔'𝐑𝐄 𝐒𝐎 𝐕𝐀𝐈𝐍 - beau a...by rowan
kirby bell moved to small town, helena, montana with her mom. after everything that happened with her brother, her dad and her being in juvie for a few months in 8th gra...
" killer karaoke was NOT what i agreed to! " in which six friends set foot in a haunted recording studio , only to come across a challenge they didn't expect t...