The Land of Waves part 2

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Hey guys! Sorry I'm late. I honestly already had this chapter planned out, but was unable to write it because I was with my mother in the hospital. Don't worry, she's fine now. That's why am actually updating lol. Thank you for your patience!

Also think I should apologize on the quality of this chapter. It's long, but it's rushed and totally not my best work. I'm so sorry my mind has just been out of it lately. I'll try harder with the next chapter.

Pic of Land of Waves

"Oh! Uh, hi!" I called out lamely, "I'm Kameda Kira."

"Kira-san! That was amazing! How were you able to do that! You were so fast! I hardly blinked and the man was out for the count!" Sakura squealed.

I blinked in shock for a second. Wow we're on a first name basis already! Should I feel offended?

"Ah...I had help," I smiled sheepishly at the now confused Sakura.

"...I didn't think you'd actually give me credit. I thought all humans were selfish, stupid pigs," Tatsuki muttered.

'Not all humans are Tatsuki-san!'

She didn't respond to the added 'san,' which signifies respect. (AN: Kira decided to give Kurai respect because Kira isn't stupid. She knows that she would've died had Kurai not come out and killed that man. Although Kurai did it in a gruesome way, it still saved her life and she's grateful. Tatsuki Kurai earned her grudging respect.)

"So, Sakura-chan," I started, making sure to put a 'chan' so it put her at a place of low respect and more of a friendly tone, (AN: She was totally offended XD) "I can tell from your headband that your from the leaf. What brings you here to the land of waves?"

"Why would you ask that? You obviously know why," Tatsuki grumbled annoyed.

'I'm getting to that'

"Well, you see, I'm on a mission," she smirked proudly, "I have to protect that bridge builder over there while he builds a bridge." She motioned towards Tazuna who was currently putting a shriveled cucumber in a basket. I froze when i heard the word 'bridge.' OH SHIT! I FORGOT TO MEET TOKI! But...where is the bridge again?

"I think I just lost a few brain cells from this ignoramus. I can't believe a human can look this proud over stating the obvious and giving away, not only her mission details, but the fact that there is a target on that man's head, and we could get money from killing him. What a complete idiot. Are all humans this stupid?"

"Oh, I see," I ignored the urge to smirk at Tatsuki's rant, "so that must mean you know the way to the bridge, correct?"

If I could get Sakura to lead me to the bridge...

"I was right. All humans are complete idiots,"

"Yeah, I do. Why? Do you want me to show you the way?" Sakura asked politely.


"This stupid little-"

"Yes, please!" I responded happily as I tuned out the sound of Tatsuki-san spitting out multiple colorful words.

"Alright, let me just take Tazuna-san back to his home. Come with me and I'll show you the way to the bridge afterwards," she smiled at me.

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