The Yin and the Yang

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Pic of the badass looking Akatsuki.

(Kira's POV)

"Uhm...Hi?" I said awkwardly.


I tried to teleport back but realized that my paper cut stopped bleeding and I needed to cut myself again.

Uh-oh. I don't have a weapon. 

"What the fuck? That bitch is just a fucking teenager!" Hidan yelled.

"How were you able to sneak into the base?!" Asked an alarmed Konan.

"'Sneak in?!' I just fell through!" I shouted, my voice wavering slightly from fear.

"I'm going to fucking sacrifice her to Jashin," Hidan announced taking out his long triple bladed scythe.

I backed up, falling off the table and on the floor. When he started to move towards me, I scooted away, backing into a wall.

Oh god! I'm dying by being sacrificed to a fake God in my favorite anime. This so fucked up, man.

He then raised his scyth and I whimpered in fear.


"Hey old man! Is that giant scythe of yours trying to make up for something?"

Well, goodbye Naruto world! I got to live the fangirl dream for three minutes...yep, I'm that pathetic. Cause of death? Damn defense mechanism gave me a big mouth.

"What was that, bitch," he growled while a couple of the other members snickered.

I swallowed the lump in my throat.

At least I die by an Akatsuki member. I mean, how many fangirls get to say that? Not counting the mentally impaired ones of course.

The now angry Jashinist swung his scythe at me and cut my cheek. He then smirked maniacally and licked the blood. I touched my face where he cut me and saw the blood on my hands.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Hidan yelled.

"What's wrong?" Pein asked.

"It's not fucking working." He said quietly and everyone's eyes widened.

"What do you mean?" Kakazu asked.

"I think...I know why," Zetsu announced.

"She has no chakra!" Tobi shouted in amazement.

Suddenly all eyes were on me.

"Impossible," Itachi murmured. Eyes slightly wide.

I was dying in the inside. They're all looking at me again.

Dammit. Now what. What am I supposed to tell them, 'oh hi! I come from another world where you're  just anime characters that don't really exist and there is no such thing as chakra. Did I forget to mention I know the future and how every single one of you dies?'

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