The Battle Begins

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Instead of a dedication this chapter I decided to give you a recommendation! (It rhymes!) Okay so I was having trouble finding a good bleach fanfiction(please comment any good ones you know) when I find out that a really good writer that I read a few amazing Inuyasha and Naruto fanfics from was writing a bleach fanfic. I instantly got hyped up for it and checked it out. So far there are only three chapters but I know that it's going to get really good(it's only the third chapter and I already love it)! So I recommend you guys join on board if you like bleach fanfictions because her style of writing is beautiful! The story is called Across Worlds- a Coyote Starrk Love Story and it's by Midnight_Lilac !! Feel free to check out her other stories! Okay, rant over! On with the story!

You know that feeling when you get sucker punched right in the gut? Like you can't breathe for a moment? That's what I felt when I read those three simple words of the scroll.

Eliminate them all.

My breathing became short gasps and I felt my world spin. Three words was all it took to bring me to my knees.

I looked up at Ayame and Ayumi to see that even they looked shocked and horrified. None of us could believe that leader-sama was asking three inexperienced genin to massacre an entire clan- no a village! This was way beyond the scope of a regular C-rank mission, and quite personally, I can't handle the job.

"What's the plan?" Ayumi asked.

"Y-You mean we're actually going to do it?!" I yelled at her.

"There's no other choice!" Ayumi snapped,  "We are shinobi! We were going to end up taking a life someday anyway."

I looked towards Ayame for support, but she just looked acceptant. She knew what a ninja was when she signed up to be one.

I, however, never signed up for this.

"I can't! You can't seriously ask me"


I shrank away from her.

"You don't understand," I murmured softly.

I come from a world where violence isn't the answer. Peace and love has been drilled into my head at a young age. Sure, there are still wars and famine in some countries, but not in Japan! My thoughts are on my future and my studies. I never once thought of having to fight someone. Even when I took that karate class last year, it still never registered in my head that I would actually have to use it on somebody. There is no way I can adapt to the whole 'normal to kill' thing.

"I understand one thing," she told me softly yet sternly, "you're a coward, and you're also not good enough to be my rival."

I felt a sort of shame build up inside me.


Before I could finish we had to jump out of the way of a kunai.

"PAPER BOMB!" Ayumi screeched and I quickly used my new evasion skills to fling myself out of the alley way my team and I were hiding at in one fluid motion. I heard the explosion behind me and my team and I were pushed forward by the force into the open.

"Well well, would you look at that?" A deep voice growled out, "looks like the rain village mice were listening in the whole time."

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