First Stage of the Exams Begin!

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I couldn't possibly have face palmed harder.

"Hey, shishio, maybe you should go warn them about their upcoming death," Toki suggested thoughtfully as she shoved me towards them.

I giggled a bit, "Hai, Hai."

I skipped towards them happily, ignoring the strange looks I received, and glomped Naru-chan.

Naruto blushed, "O-Oh hey, Kira! I didn't mean you, believe it."

I chuckled at him and smirked, "of course you didn't."

"Woah, Naruto, you didn't tell me you were dating a hot babe like her," kiba whistled, drawing the other rookies' attention.

"I didn't think Naruto could get a girlfriend," Ino sniffed from her position on Sasuke's back.

"I'm not dating Kira, believe it!" Naruto shouted with his face beat red.

"I believe it. Why? Because she is Kameda Kira, who is 17 years old and very dangerous," Shino spoke up from his position in the shadows.

"Woah, Shino, when did you get here, believe it!" Naruto shouted while Shino gained a depressed aura.

"I was here the whole time."

Damn. Poor Shino.

"Wait, are you the same Kira from yesterday?" Choji asked while muching chips.

I smiled at the Inoshikacho trio as I nodded my head politely in greeting.

"Troublesome," Shikamaru muttered lazily.

I was about to retort when a voice came from my left, and caused me to freeze.

"Maybe you should calm down, this isn't a picnic, you know. Ah, but what would you know? You're just a bunch of rookies."

"Oh, yeah, and who are you?!" Ino shouted at the newcomer.

I felt the crow freeze when it saw the man.

"Kabuto," we both mumbled lowly.

I gasped in shock and turned to the crow.

"Y-You can talk? And how do you know who that is?" I mumbled to it so the other ninjas wouldn't hear.

"Calm down, only you can understand the crow because of Itachi's genjutsu," Sasori's voice came through the bird, "you see, we needed to be able to communicate with you, so Itachi summoned this summoning crow, which is able to allow the passage of voice through a seal in its mouth. Itachi placed a genjutsu on the crow so no one but you may hear us."

"And only I can hear because I don't have chakra, therefore am unable to be affected by the jutsu," I mumbled in realization.

"Exactly, and to answer your second question, Kabuto is the spy I sent to Orochimaru, but he should be under my command...I don't know why he's here. Did he somehow break free from my control?" Sasori questioned.

Oh. OH! The Sasuke reunion arc with Sai! It was after Sakura killed Sasori and he told her of the spy he sent (Kabuto) to orochimaru! Then it went to that fight on the bridge! I remember everything! Sasori wasn't supposed to have known that Kabuto broke free from his hold! Shit, I just fucked up the story line! Really, really badly! Now Kabuto will most likely die before shippuden!

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