Meeting Konoha

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Oh today's chapter might seem like a filler and I guess in some ways it is, but I was trying to fit the point that everyone knows she's dangerous and they're all weary of her, which isn't a good thing. XD j also wanted to let you know that today's chapter is double the length of my regular chapters. It's to make up for the trashiness of this chapter.

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Tomorrow is the first exam. The written part, of course. So, I decided to travel around the village and see what teams I could meet.

"I'm leaving now!" I called out before walking out of our hotel room.

"Don't do anything stupid! OR CREEPY!" Toki yelled back.

I pouted a bit. I'm not creepy...

"Whatever you say, sunshine," I mumbled as I meandered through the town searching for something to ease my crippling boredom.

"Ugh! Get off, Naruto! You're slobbering all over my vest!"

I turned my head towards the voice and saw none other than Team 7 and their Sensei, Hatake Kakashi.

"Oi! Naru-chan!" I walked towards them while waving. What other way to stop the boredom other than Naruto himself?

They all turned towards me and Naruto began waving frantically at me, "Kira-san! Hey!"

"Awww you're so cute!" I squealed before teleporting over to Naruto and glomping him.

I was currently unaware of how tense Kakashi got as he watched me vanish and appear towards his students.

"Hello, Kira-san, how are you?" Sakura asked politely while Sasu-chan pointedly looked in the other direction.

"I'm great, Sakura-chan! Thanks," I smiled at her before turning to Kakashi.

"It's been awhile, Kakashi-san!"

"It has, " he smiled a closed eye smile at me, "I take it you're here for the Chunin exams?"

"Yeah, I am." I responded politely, "you're team will be participating as well, ne?"

"YEAH, BELIVE IT!" Naruto shouted at me.

"Perfect! I'll see you there, future Hokage!" I giggled a bit as I hugged him again.

Then I teleported back to the town, intent on finding something to do.

Kakashi's POV

I let out another tense sigh as I watched her leave.

"Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura," they tensed a bit, recognizing my serious tone, "I want you guys to be careful around her. She's dangerous -very dangerous."

"No way!" Naruto started in anger, "She believes in me! She's kind and she's my friend!"

"Hn, I also don't see how a girl our age that practically obsesses over Naruto is dangerous either," Sasuke said a bit bitterly.

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