The Land of Waves

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Hey guys! Update Friday! LETS GO! Oh! And for those who were a bit confused, Tatsuki is Kurai's last name. (Kurai is the Yin spirit that resides in Kira's mirror) In Japan, you usually introduce yourself with your last name first. The reason I had her keep calling her Tatsuki is because she isn't friends with Kurai so she doesn't use her first name. Ahaha glad I cleared that up.

Pic of Kira and Toki's outfits. I don't own Toki's but Kira's was my own design.

"You're joking," I deadpanned.

Pein simply stared at me, "Does it look like I joke?"

"But you can't be serious!" I exclaimed, "I just got back from the last mission yesterday! You can't seriously want me to go on another so soon!"

He sighed in annoyance, "Don't argue with me. You also have a brat to teach, and what's a better way to teach her other than a training mission?"

I deflated slightly at his logic before pouting.

"Oh, and don't wear your Akatsuki cloaks for this mission. I want you to go covert as a rain ninja. Here are two headbands for you and Toki."

I pocketed my scratched headband, which signifies that I left Hanzo, and replaced it with the new one that's meant for missions outside the village.

I grabbed the mission scroll and headbands from his hand and dragged my feet out of his office to get Toki and complete the mission.


Toki gave me another glance.

"Okay what is it?" I finally snapped, "You've been giving me that look for the past two hours!"

She paused before sighing, "The land of tea is east of here...we've been going west for the past few hours..."

I froze for a split second, "I know what I'm doing."

She gave me an uncertain look before shrugging.

I just kept my pace while subtlety turning our direction a bit more east. Soon enough we made it to a shore and a boatman began rowing us across.

Instead of settling into a silence I decided to pass the time by giving her nickname suggestions, which kinda pissed her off considering how terrible they were. I didn't care though, as I was getting to see more and more of her true personality. She really wasn't such a shy girl. She was actually quite blunt, easily angered, and had a mouth of a sailor!

By the time we made it off the boat, Toki was starting to glare suspiciously at me.

"Okay fine so maybe we're a little-"

"WE'RE IN THE LAND OF WAVES DAMMIT!" She screeched at me.

"I'm sorry! Jeez, Sunshine, calm dow-"

I yelped in pain as she hit me upside the head.


"You're so mean!~" I teased her, "Is that any way to treat your shishio, sunshine?"

"I. Don't. Give. A . Flying. Fuck." She gritted out before taking a deep breath.

I smirked internally. I was bringing out more and more of her true personality in seconds! Although, I'm a bit afraid of her actual personality...

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