A C-Ranked Mission

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Hey guys! It's update Friday! WHOOOOOO! Also, I've decided that now would be an ok time to start the build-up plot! Trust me the story is going to get pretty intense in future chapters! You just gotta bear with me for the beginning!

Today's chapter is dedicated to @koonanismydog for their comments on every chapter so far! Thank you so much!

Pic is of the little girl.

My mouth dropped open in shock.

It's been a few weeks and, through all my school work, I've actually gotten some training in. I, sadly, am still unable to wield a kunai. Damn OCs make it look so easy. Right now, I'm in Pein's office and he's assigning my team and I our first C-rank mission.

"But leader-sama!" I was quick to argue, " I still don't know any offensive maneuvers! How will I defend myself or my team?!"

"Well that's too bad. You're still going," he told me with a disinterested look.


"I don't care."


"Get out."



I was sent flying into a wall with only my mission scroll to tell me the details.

"Daaaaaaaaamn," Hidan whistled from the couch, "what the fuck did you do now, bitch?"

I only sighed before getting up and going to meet my team who were waiting outside.

"Hand over the scroll, bitch," was the first thing that popped out of Ayumi's mouth when she saw me.

"I'm afraid I'm captain of this mission," I smirked at her.

"And I'm afraid that I'm the only one who can actually get us to the location, seeing as you seem to fuck everything up wherever you go and your sense of direction is shit," she replied.

Kira: 37  Ayumi: 53

Ayame just sighed seeing as she already been through so many of these arguments.

I growled as we butted foreheads, "oh yeah?!"

"What are you gonna do about it, Kameda?" She sneered.

Ayame sighed again as she walked over to us and grabbed the scroll from our hands only to gasp in shock, which caught the other twin's attention.

"A C-rank?!" She exclaimed in confusion.

"About time," Ayumi muttered.

I stayed silent. I'm not sure we're ready... but then again, it's just a C rank. C-ranks usually just include escorts, errands, or something equally unimportant. It's not meant to be dangerous. What's the worst that can happen?

"Alright. Ayame, care to read the mission scroll?" I asked her, as she was the one currently holding the scroll.

"O-Oh! Uhm O-Okay!" She looked down at the scroll and explained to us the contents of the mission and anything else we need to know about it.

I sighed when she finished. I don't even know why I panicked in the first place. All we have to do is check out a village that belongs to Leader-sama and make sure they haven't gotten involved with Orochimaru. There was a few rumors that it has, but it's highly unlikely as it is only a small village that is made up of one clan: The Kitsu clan.

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