The Truth

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Hey guys! I'm so sorry for the long wait... again. I swear life hates me. I don't recommended AP History classes, and the ACT sucks.... Oh! Quick note: I edited the previous chapters and fixed conventional errors and a few other things. For instance, I feel like she was worrying too much about plot after she said she didn't care about preventing the curse mark in the second part of the Chunin exams. I thought that was a little contradictory, so I made her a little more "fuck the plot" yknow?

Pic of Sara's bracelet.

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4 Weeks Until the Final Exam

"Happy Birthday, Sara!" I shouted as I popped up from behind her couch.

She stared at me for a few seconds with a contemplating look on her face before turning her head away with a pout.

I sighed, "Okay, I know you're mad-"

"Of course I'm mad!" She interrupts angrily, "Where were you? I thought we were going to hang out this summer, but you haven't even called me once!"

"I know," I told her walking forward, "and I'm
sorry! I just- there was something I had to do."

I cringed a bit at my explanation, but I couldn't explain to her that I was in the Chunin Exams now could I? I only had time in between the exams to quickly flash home and check on my dad, heating up some food for him if he hadn't already eaten, and teleport back before anyone caught me missing.

Sara looked at me sourly, "Oh? What would that be?"

"That's not important," I deflected, "I'm here now, aren't I?"

She hesitated before sighing, "You better have a damn good present."

I smiled easily at her, ignoring her shock, "Of course I do! You're my best friend, remember?"

"Y-You smiled! A real smile, not those fake ones you always show around people!" The brunette stuttered.

I paused. I guess I have been doing that a lot lately, huh? Must be because of my precious little student.

"Well I can't be gloomy with this much sunshine around," I grinned at the hidden meaning.

Sara cocked her head to the side, but I simply shook my head and handed her a pretty box with a ribbon neatly wrapped around it in a bow. She pulled on the ribbon and put it down gently before opening the box with a gasp.

"Oh my god," her eyes widened, "It's so gorgeous! Are you serious?"

I giggled at her reaction. I knew she would like the bracelet when I first laid eyes on it in the Land of Waves.

"Thank you so much!" She tackle hugged me.

I chucked and returned the hug, "I'm glad you like it."

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