Preliminary Rounds-Part 2

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"Yes! Finally! I've waited for so long!" Toki exaggerated.

"And because you waited oh so patiently," an evil smirk crawled onto my face, "I'm giving you an impromptu training session."

Toki gave me a confused look, "Right now? I have to go fight though..."

"Not right now," I explained, "But during your match."

"How are you going to do that?" Ayumi asked me curiously.

"You'll see," I mischievously grinned.

"Excuse me," the proctor coughed to catch our attention(....or maybe he was just coughing I don't even know with this guy), "I'm going to have to ask you to go back up to the stands so we can start our next match."

"Of course," I smiled at him before dragging the twins up the stairs with me as I watched the boy, whom I had helped in the forest, make his way down to fight my student.

Hayate coughed again before clearing his throat, "Are both contestants ready?"

"Yep!" Toki chirped happily as Dai grunted in confirmation.

"Okay...begin!" The sickly man called.

"I feel uncomfortable harming a child such as yourself," Dai started.

"Oh! Don't you worry about me!" Toki's expression darkened, "I lost the term 'child' when I watched my father's corpse get brutally mutilated by a demon."

I shifted uncomfortably at all of the gasps.

"You don't mean that you're the last Kitsu are you?" Dai gasped in shock.

"So, you've heard of me," Toki asked with a hint of anger and regret in her eyes.

Dai glanced at me and I felt terror flash through my veins, "Doesn't that mean that-"

"OKAYYYYY!" I interrupted suddenly, ignoring all of the pointed looks in my direction as they all caught on to what Dai was saying, "Time for your impromptu training session!"

"What the- how?" Toki stuttered, oblivious to the elephant in the room.

"Kunoichi are more widely known for their speed and flexibility. Use that against your opponent. It's something you will undoubtedly have over him considering his build," I started explaining, "I want you to hone that skill by ending this match within the next two minutes."

"Two minutes?!" Many teams exclaimed in shock and doubt.

"You hypocrite!" Toki yelled at me, "your  match took forever!"

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