Ayame and Ayumi Soshi

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I flung my arm forward with precision. My muscles tensed and released at the optimal time. I let go of the kunai and it sailed through the air...for 1.5 seconds before it twirled and flopped to the ground uselessly around 2 feet away from me.


So far, I have trained with Sasori, Deidara, Kakazu, and now Hidan, yet none of them could teach me how to throw a kunai. None. Of. Them.

"I fucking give up on the bitch. She's fucked. If she can't even motherfucking throw a damn weapon, then she has no fucking hope as a jashin damned ninja," Hidan curses before walking out of the training room.

I sighed in disappointment before sliding sadly to the floor.

"OC's in fanfictions made it look so easy...they would get a bullseye on their first try. I guess that's why they're called fanfictions," I mumbled.

"Get up," a quiet voice commanded.

I looked up to see Uchiha Itachi standing there with a blank look on his face.

I blinked at him before slowly rising to my feet.



Damn him and his emotionless voice.

His sharingan glowed in his eyes and I tensed.

"In not surprised you know of me," he told me.

"I know of everyone," I told him simply.

"So I've heard," he said before furrowing his eyebrows.

"Kira he's trying to infiltrate your mind-Genjutsu."

Can you keep him from coming in?

"Yes. Genjutsu has no effect on you because its purpose is to disrupt your chakra and send waves through your nerves so that it sends a message to your mind. Therefore, it creates a visual that only you can see," she explained to me.

I see. So, because of my lack of chakra, he can't disrupt it and cause me to see his illusions?

"Correct. He has no catalyst, so he cannot complete the jutsu."

"You truly are something," Itachi mumbles as he looks at me with no emotion.

What is up with these members and their offending compliments. He doesn't even bother putting a hint of approval in his voice! It's just freaking emotionless!

Suddenly Itachi pulled out a kunai and flung it at me.

I shrieked and jumped out of the way, "ARE YOU CRAZY?! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!"

He just started to throw more kunai as I jumped from foot to foot screaming.

"Lesson #1: agility."

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