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Hey guys! So I'm updating a few days late. So sorry, but I put my school work as my first priority. As much as I love updating for you guys, i know how important it is to keep up your grades. I hope you can understand.

Okay so I made today's chapter TWICE AS LONG AS A USUAL CHAPTER to make up for it! Also quick warning, there are a lot of POV changes! Please bare with me with that! Enjoy!

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(Ayumi's POV)

I held my older sister with a worried look in my eyes. Surprising, I know, but Ayame is older than me by three minutes.

Ever since Ayame was small, my parents and I knew that she was too soft to become the heiress of our clan. She always let her emotions control her. She was always found smiling and helping people, and she would cry whenever someone or something got hurt. I remember when she started crying when mom made chicken for the first time. We were around 12 years old. You see, because of all the rain, we don't have much live stock. So, it was pretty rare to get meat. I recall that she saw the chicken was dead and started bawling and demanding that we held a funeral for it. She even became a vegetarian afterwards. She still is too.

She always gave compassion to everyone, and her kindness will be the death of her.

Well, not if I have anything to say about it.

I made it my goal when I was young to protect Ayame with my life. She's my elder sister, but she's also my baby sister. I may be pretty cold, but when my sister is involved...I'll kill to protect her.

However, my sister hates the sight of death. She's still shaking from the rampage Kira went on earlier.


How dare she?! She took command and spat out some half-baked strategy with no respect for our lives! However...I'm quite surprised she was able to get over her fear of killing and actually come up with a plan.

I'm proud of my rival, but I would rather die than admit it.

I quickly dodged a water style jutsu and smiled cockily at my opponent.

"Hasn't your mother ever told you it's rude to attack a lady?" I smirked.

"Oh? I wouldn't have known you were a lady if you hadn't mentioned it before. Your chest is rather flat," he mocked which made me immediately lose my smirk and growl at him.


"You'll pay for that," I threatened through clenched teeth.

"D-Don't let t-them get to y-you," Ayame whispered from behind me.

I nodded mutely.

"Water style: Fan of Fate!" I yelled out as I swung my hand in a fan-like motion. Water rushed out from my fingertips and raced towards him at high speeds.

He gasped in shock and quickly tried to make handsigns, but it was too late. You see, it's apart of my Kekki Genkai. I'm able to use my chakra to surround my elemental justus and keep it in one place; I chose his throat. My element is water, as you can see, my specialty is, well, drowning people. Ayame has the same Kekki Genkai, as it runs in the family, however, she has a different element.

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