"I'll never let you go"

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I walked mindlessly around in a nearby village.

'This is so stupid! How far could she have gone! I've already covered every village in a 10 mile radius! I don't even think it's possible for her to go any further. Either she's in this village, or she's wandered into the nearby forest,' I thought to myself in irritation.

"You're the stupid one. I can't believe you're actually looking for the brat. What makes you think she won't go ballistic and try to kill you the moment she sees you? She's probably already dead anyway."

"Well aren't you the optimistic one?" I drawled sarcastically. Multiple raised eyebrows turned in my direction, but I only walked faster.

'Maybe I shouldn't talk to the bitch out loud.'

"The bitch, huh? I get that a lot. But ya know, it takes one to know one."

'Did she just call me a-

"I said...LEAVE ME ALONE!"

My head snapped towards the young and feminine voice.

A young girl, maybe 8 or 9, was growling at two large men as they towered over her. The man grabbed her arm roughly.

"Shut up and stop bringing attention. One more word and I'll-"

I decided to stop him right there, "Excuse me! Could you please tell me what's going on here?"

The girl had turned to me with a look of horror. Her wide red eyes telling me one thing: Run.

I returned her glance. You run. I'll distract.

The men turned in my direction, "I don't see how it's any of your business, bitch," one of the men growled.

The girl had begun to back up slowly and discreetly.

I raised my eyebrow at the man's rude words, "And I don't see how one won't willingly brush their teeth. They look like an orange zig-zag line."

The girl snorted, unfortunately bringing the men's attention back to her.

"HEY! SHE'S TRYING TO GET AWAY!" One of the scums yelled at the other.

I tried to resist the facepalm. Honest I did, but the chick just snorted while trying to be discreet. I couldn't have facepalmed harder.

I paused for a moment. Why should I help? Why should I get hurt- possibly killed- for some moron's mistake? Why should I try to save her? I'm no hero. So why am I acting like one?

I was snapped out of my thoughts when one of the men swung his fist at me.

I'm fighting for myself. I pitifully tried to reassure myself. It's for my safety.

"Don't lie to yourself. You said it yourself. You're no hero. So why? Why are you trying to save her? You're smarter than that. You know that being a hero is suicide. You know that you could just run away...so why? Why save her?"

I gulped. I don't know. Why do people save other people? Why do they feel the obligation to do that? It's a question I may never find the answer to. But I do know that I must save this girl.

I quickly ran up to the man and punched him in the face hard. He dodged and came at me head on with swings from all sides. He was putting so much power behind his punches...that's it! With the amount of effort he's using, one punch could be fatal. That's true, but missing multiple of these punches uses up too much energy. So when he gets tired, I'll be able to find an opening in his stance and-

I quickly flung my leg in a fluid motion I had practiced over a hundred times in Karate. Right at the back of his head.

I tried to ignore my discomfort with the fact that this was the first time in a year that I had used Karate as I stepped away from the man. He fell to the ground in a heap, unconscious. I smiled to myself before turning in the direction of the other man and running after him.

After running for a bit I noticed that the terrain was becoming more and more rocky. Less and less vegetation. Signs of a cliff.

When I made it to the edge I saw the girl hanging on the edge while the trash began to pry her fingers off with his foot.

I raced over and used the element of surprise to shove the man right off the cliff. The rocks were so pointy that I knew he had no chance of survival.

I wiped the thought from my mind and turned to the girl.

"Hey, I'm going to get you out of there, okay? So calm down and work with me," I told her disarmingly as I bent down and grabbed one of her hands, the other firmly placed on the rock.

I saw her look down at the cliff before glancing back up at me with haunted red eyes, "Just...Just let me go."

At that moment. I recognized who she was. I recognized the horror. I recognized the same look those people gave to me when I began murdering everyone. She was the last Kitsu I was looking for. That's why her eyes...

I looked down at her with newfound determination, "I'll never let you go."

I'll never find out why I said those words. But I know one thing: I'm glad I did.

Tears streamed down her face as she saw the amount of passion I had on my face, "you're going to live. I'll make sure of it."

"But why?" Her voice cracked, "I just ran away from something that ruined my whole life. Now I want to end it and join the others. Why can't you let me?! Why? Why?! WHY! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?! Why do people save other people?" She finished quietly.

My eyes widened at the question I may never be able to answer.

"I don't know. Will you help me figure that out?"

She stared at me in shock. Then a determined look slowly, but surely, set on her face, "I'm afraid you'll have to pull me out first."

I smiled at the girl whose family I had murdered.

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