"What if there's a Pedo-Snake?!"

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Hey everyone! It's been awhile. I apologize for that, but my cousin and her daughter stayed over and I had to watch her most of the time as she's only 10 months and loves to try to walk. Keyword: Try. She doesn't know how yet, so she just keeps falling and I have to be there to catch her so she won't get hurt ahaha. Thank you for waiting patently! OH! And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It was your fault.

I violently turned my head from left to right in surprise.

"H-Hello?" I called out as I walked through the dark and abandoned looking building.

You killed them. YOU did.

"Who's there?" I angrily snarled out.

Suddenly a door slammed open and I saw a mangled body on the cold concrete floor. His eyes looked to be gouged out with fingernail markings all across his horror filled face. There were carvings of various words all across his torn body.

I screamed, but no sound could be heard. Not a single breath escaped from my lips. I couldn't move my body. I felt myself lurch forward and begin clawing at the already destroyed body without my consent. That's when I noticed something that shocked me to my core. The fingernail makings looked the same as the ones my body was now subconsciously making.

I did this. This IS my fault.

I cried out soundlessly as i tried without avail to get my body as far away from the body as i could.

That's when I noticed the little girl standing in the closet.

"Daddy?" She whispered as she stared at the body in shock.

Suddenly, everything clicked.

I felt the setting change and I was now back at the Kitsu clan compound. Toki was watching in horror, and I was mercilessly murdering her father in cold blood.

'No! You have to believe me! I'm not doing this on my own! I can't control my body! This isn't my fault! This isn't me!' I tried to shout, but the only sound that escaped my lips was a dark and eerie laugh. The malicious voice sounded ecstatic at the feel of innocent blood underneath it's fingers.

Then I abruptly felt my body regain control. I jumped away from the mangled corpse. Frozen in horror of what I had just done.

"Monster!" A voice shouted.

I turned my head to see the rest of the Kitsu clan staring at me with disgust and fear.

"No! It wasn't- I didn't-!"

"Kill the demon!" A man screeched and I found myself being attacked from every angle.

"Please! You have to understand!" I cried out.

"Freak! Why don't you die already?" A woman raged at me while flinging a kunai.

Tears raced down my face as I realized the only course of action I had left.

'I have to finish the job'

I swiftly pulled out senbon and in a matter of seconds found bodies littering the floor around me.

I fell to the floor.

"This is your fault. It was your body. Your mind. This is all you."

I let out a loud gasp as I shot out of bed. I stifled a sob as recalled the horrible nightmare.

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