Interview with AlaskaEverfall

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1. What inspired you to write?
Unrequited love, definitely. Oh, and Twilight. I read the books and thought, "Hey, I can write as well!" Also, I read a lot of books, so it's simple for me to think, "I can write this story in a different way." I love the idea of touching people's hearts with words. :)

2. What stories of yours would you publish and why?
Hmm. I would probably publish Sleepless Beauty and Prince Charmless and Summer of Adam Devereaux. I really want to publish Maybe I'll Fall With You, but it needs a little reworking before I even consider it.

3. What was the hardest story you've written and why?
Ohh. Wow. Definitely... Hmm... Don't Hold Your Breath. I didn't like the first book, but I owed it to my fans to write the second (because I left a gazillion strings untied.)

4. Which character of yours is your favorite?
Definitely Jane from Sleepless Beauty and Prince Charmless. She's always going to be my number one, as a girl who think she's got it all but doesn't realise how much she's missing out on. :) All my other characters are in second place. Oh, and I love Peter from The Miserable Failings of A Kidnapper Wannabe. I'd put him directly 1.5 and then go onto my second choices. ;)

5. Do you make your own covers? If so what programs do you use?
Yes, I do make covers! I used to use Picnik, but they're shutting down. So now I'm resorting to and :D

6. Which character of yours is the most like you?
Julie from Maybe I'll Fall With You. :) I'm a lot like her. A listener, straight-A student, you know the drill. And also, I envy people with perfect (seemingly) lives. So yeah. I'm a lotttt like her.

7. What was the easiest story you've written?
Sleepless Beauty and Prince Charmless. I can't get over how easy it was for me to write it! It was my third novel, but I just wrote/wrote/wrote until I got to the Epilogue and thought, "Oh my, over already?" So yeah. :D It's definitely the easiest, because it had a plot I loved writing.

8. What's your favorite thing about writing?
Touching people's hearts. I don't know why I love it so much. :) And also, I love how you can express yourself in words. Thanks to writing, I get good results in essays, because writing skills are needed (literally) in every subject. Even Math, when you have to write an essay explaining a formula or something (yeah, we do that here in Aussie. :P)

9. What's your least favorite thing about writing?
Definitely the time-spending. I usually don't realise how much time I'm spending replying to messages, thanking fans and then I end up unable to complete homework because it just gets too much. So I no longer reply to messages. But I encourage fans and readers to ask DIRECT questions so I don't end up writing a whole message for nothing. You know? :) So feel free to ask me a DIRECT question! :D

10. Whats some writing tips you can give the reader?
Hmm. Advertise. Don't go around complaining because you're "Undiscovered," because believe me, there's a reason for that. You just have to fight that reason off. Do Read-for-Reads, advertise on the forums. Win the Watty Awards! Get yourself out there. Don't complain 'cause you're too lazy. ;) Also, everybody's born to be a writer. Don't ever think, "I'm not a good writer" because nobody has those writing skills when they're born. You have to develop them. So practise, practise, practise!

Thank you so much for the interview! Definitely the best one I've done. ;)

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