Interview with xangelsmomx

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1. What inspired you to write?
I used to write a lot back in high school just because it was something I liked to do. Once I started college and had my first son, there simply wasn't enough time to write anymore. Eighteen years later, I stumbled on this site and for months I was a silent reader. Finally, I gathered the courage, and started a new story. It's all bloomed from there.

2. Which character of yours is the most like you?
Elizabeth from "The Wildflower" there were many things about me that I poured into that character from physical characteristics to emotional. I also based some of her from my own personal experiences.

3. How's it like to be a wattpad celebrity?
I don't really like to be called a celebrity. I love to talk to people, give what advice I can. Being older than most, I have the experience to draw from. I just enjoy the fact that someone out there actually likes my work.

4. What's your favorite thing about writing?
Creating other worlds. I write in all kinds of genres but my favorite, by far, are the fantasy worlds where I can choose how things are, how they are set up and how the characters relate.

5. If you could have one of your characters become a real person who would it be and why?
Grace, from "Amazing Grace". It's one of my newer stories but she has a back bone of steel and a heart of gold. As the story progresses, she will come up against a very stubborn character that is determined to ruin his own life. She digs her feet in and sets hims straight. I think everyone could use a Grace in their life.

6. Which story did you have the funnest time writing?
Easy, "The Rented Husband" I had a ball with Brody and Olivia. They were quite the pair and the twists and turns that I put in kept me laughing. It's cheesy and cliche at the end but it also warms your soul.

7. If you could publish one of your stories, which one would it be and why?
"The Rented Husband" It was well received here on Wattpad and also, I felt a sense of personal gratification with this one. I'm still editing it, trying to get it perfect but this will be the first manuscript that I will present to agents in hopes of getting a contract.

8. Who makes your covers? If you do what program(s) do you use?
I make some, Most are made by others. A lot of times I'll open my email and find one there from a devoted fan. Those are always the best surprises. I use photobucket. I used to use picknik too, but that's no longer an option.

9. What's your wattpad pet peeve?
I have two. First, negative comments that are meant purely to put a writer down. There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and plain out rudeness. Second, advertising on another persons story. There are places set aside on Wattpad to advertise. To use another persons hard work as a personal vehicle is outlandish and selfish in my opinion.

10. What are some writing tips you can give the readers?
First and foremost, write because you love to write. Not for the popularity or the fame. Write because the words are in your heart. Be willing to accept criticism in stride along the with positive comments. If you let people get to you, you'll never make it in this business. And finally, have fun with it. When you lose the fun, you lose the initiative.

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