Interview with 1DOnlyYou

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1. What inspired you to do fanfics? 
  My guy friend dared me to write a Niall Horan love story so I decided to do it. I didn't realize how much fun it was and kind of got hooked. It defintely escalated from there.

2. If you could publish one of your stories which one would you publish?
 Ooh, that's a hard question! It would be either Stupid Crazy Love or When Everything Disappears, but I'm leaning more towards When Everything Disappears. It has more of a lasting plot.

3. Which character of yours is the most like you?
  I'd have to say Juliet from Ours!

4. Would you call yourself a wattpad celebrity? Why or why not?
  Definitely not! I just do this for fun, I enjoy writing and people seem to enjoy reading what I write. I don't at all consider myself a celebrity.

5. Who's you're favorite one direction member? 
  I love all of them so much! But I have a slight favoring towards Niall.

6. If you could make one of your characters come to life, who would it be and why?
  Rosie. She's an inspiring character. She's also fun loving and just loves to be crazy. I think she's like any other normal teenage girl, just one who has had to overcome a lot of challenges. I would love to see what she'd be like in real life.

7. Do you listen to music when you write? If so who do you listen to?
 It's difficult for me to write when I'm not listening to music! When I'm writing, I mostly listen to Coldplay, Maroon Five, Blink 182, One Direction (Obviously, haha), The Script, The Wanted, etc. (Wow, I just realized I hardly ever listen to female singers!)

8.  What's your favorite thing about writing?
 It's kind of like an escape from me. It sucks me into another world and I imagine I'm actually there. It's a great way of getting away from reality for a while.

9. What's your least favorite thing about writing?
 The writer's block! I don't get it too often, but when I do, it's absolutely horrible. I just sit there staring at the blank screen for hours, just trying to come up with one idea that doesn't completely suck.

10. What are some writing tips you can give the writers? 
 Grammar is key. I can't stand reading stories that I can't understand, because more than anything, I want to understand. Also, have a plot. Just have fun writing, don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough. If it's something you enjoy doing, keep doing it!

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